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  1. boxingday Bestway 48 x 10 Inch Fill-N-Fun Sea Paddling Pool BW55028 by Bestway
    Bestway 48 x 10 Inch Fill-N-Fun Sea Paddling Pool
    Special Price £6.99 Regular Price £7.99
  2. liquidation Bestway 60 x 10 Fill n Fun Paddling Pool BW55029 by Bestway
    Bestway 60 x 10 Fill n Fun Paddling Pool
  3.  Bestway Fisher-Price Train Play Centre BW93537 by Bestway
    Bestway Fisher-Price Train Play Centre
  4. boxingday Bestway Underwater Adhesive Repair Patch BW62091 by Bestway
    Bestway Underwater Adhesive Repair Patch
    Special Price £0.99 Regular Price £1.99
  5.  Bestway Up In & Over Lion Play Centre BW52261 by Bestway
    Bestway Up In & Over Lion Play Centre
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With the arrival of the summer, and especially with July when the gloating sun sends us with the thought of the beach, coolness and relaxation, busy parents who postpone their holidays for a later date need little creativity to bring children the holiday atmosphere at home. Offered or not with toppings and balls, children's pools are an unusual alternative to public swimming pools in the summer season. Inflatable swimming pools are fun and practical for any child who feels the need to swim in the open air alone or with their brothers and 2-3 playmates. Unlike a public pool in a fun park, the inflatable pool from your personal home is used whenever your little boy is in the mood to cool down in the water without being disturbed by the crowd's loud crowd. How to choose the right inflatable pool? Technical equipment When buying an inflatable yard swimming pool, whatever type you choose, take into account the technical equipment you need to have. Pumping and filtration systems are required to ensure freshness of water. While the water has to be treated with chemicals, the filtration systems purify it. The number of people who will use the pool and its dimensions When choosing the pool, the basin is the size of the pool, but also the capacity to fill it with water. While a pool for babies is low and its size is reduced, when the pool is intended for both children and adults, it must be more spacious. Therefore, the dimensions, water volume and weight vary depending on the chosen pool model. Electricity consumption and associated costs If you opt for a fully equipped pool model, take into account the energy consumption, but also the estimated costs of filling, emptying and refilling the pool. The basic equipment for the inflatable pool consists of: filter system - filter pump and cartridge filter scale protection foil tarpaulin cleaning accessories skim repair kit Unlike inflatable playgrounds, swimming pools have a reasonable price and last a long time if they are made of durable, thick walls. Important to know: - Assemble the pool on a solid and flat surface to prevent possible accidents, such as overturning the pool. In addition, the maintenance and placement of the pool on improper conditions cancels the product's warranty - Place the basin in a safe place where there are no power lines, pipes, cables or utility lines - Make sure that there is an AC 220 V AC near the pool, if the chosen model is connected to the power supply - Always use clean water to fill the child hygiene basin - Do not let the little ones get in or stay in the inflatable pool unattended - For the inflatable pool to be used many summers from now on, choose a durable pool model with a quick deflame valve So choose the right pool model to enjoy all the conditions offered by an inflatable pool. Have fun!