Are Educational Toys Important?

As children grow quickly at a young age, educational toys serve an integral part in their physical, mental and emotional development. They are at a phase where they are curious to learn about the world and themselves. But they need to be able to do this in a safe, enjoyable and Engaging way.

Educational toys are developing themselves – most notably from low-tech to high-tech. Still, their key objective to be both informative and fun remains the same. Kids are willing to learn new things but it can’t begin to feel overly-instructive. Young children possess short attention spans and a weak understanding of the relationship between what they can do and the world. The best educational toys pique a child’s curiosity, encouraging them to invest time and effort into finding out more. So it's vital that these toys are titillating and digestible.

Children have the capacity to learn from anything they encounter. Educational toys aren’t labelled with big stickers on the box reading ‘EDUCATIONAL TOY’ because of this fact. For kids at a young age, any toy that a they use regularly is a toy that he or she is learning something from. There are, however, toys and brands on the market that have invested heavily in the manufacturing of toys with an educational raison d'etre. The question is: how do these education-oriented toys educate?

Stimulate the Senses

From the moment we’re born, we rely heavily on our five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) to improve our understanding of our capabilities and our new surroundings. Without the senses, it becomes difficult to engage with, and retain, critical information. Young children are endlessly curious and sensory play is an crucial facet of exploration at an early age. Educational toys often engage the senses, helping children access and control all abilities that their bodies may possess. Subsequently, abilities such as cognitive skills, motor skills and regulating a child’s energy or emotion levels, are improved. Sensory stimulation is one of the most vital feature in what makes kids learning toys a necessary part of childhood.

Learning and Problem Solving

baby playing with building blocks

Like any other muscle in the body, the brain needs to be worked in order for it to become stronger and more useful. Educational toys play a pivotal role in broadening a child’s cognitive faculties. When a child plays with toys like building blocks, puzzles or a colouring book, they’re performing a plethora of mental skills. Each move they make requires problem-solving, memory recollection and recognition in order to achieve a satisfactory conclusion. Children use trial and error to figure out tasks. Doing so helps them to realise that there is more than one method of solving a problem and better understand cause and effect.

Building Social Competency

Children know that they are able, or allowed, to interact with other people but they aren’t born understanding the nuances of social interaction. Fortunately, educational toys often promote ease in social situations. They can be key to building and maintaining relationships and improving social etiquette. Still, the object of kids learning toys that promote these things is not only to convince children that socialising is desirable. Ideally, these toys will also to illustrate the benefits of sharing and tackling tasks using the increased level of manpower teamwork affords. A good educational toy will demonstrate this whilst leaving the child appreciative of another person’s input and satisfied with their own personal input.

Improve Communication Skills

Kid with soft toy

We communicate all the time. We can talk to convey a feeling, write to articulate a message, or employ expressive body language gestures that say what words can't. Educational toys develop these communication skills in a number of ways we don’t always think about. For example, kids often talk to their favourite soft toy or figurine. Each time they do, they are strengthening both their social skills and their overall communication technique. Educational toys even improve a child’s gross motor skills which come in handy (no pun intended) if they want to express themselves in a more demonstrative manner.

Encourage and Train Mobility

We never stop learning about our bodies – even at the latter end of our lifespans. But we’re never as inquisitive about our range of movement as we are as children. That combination of keenness to explore and bundles of energy means that children are moving frequently. This can be a headache for parents who don’t want to be fretting about their safety as they do. There are various educational toys that hone fine and gross motor skills, strengthening the muscles, and improving coordination and visual acuity. Children are doing this simply by walking upright with a stroller or placing a piece of Lego on a model.

Fuel Creativity and Imagination

Two children drawing

Colours, sounds, images, all contribute to forming a capacity for children to imagine and apply their imagination in order to express themselves creatively. Artistic educational toys allow children to be autonomously expressive. Toys like crafts, magnetic toys or colourful pegboards nurture a child’s sense of independence in a constructive way. It’s one of the first, and most important, instances of personal achievement.

Discover Independence and Positive Self-Esteem

Remember how you felt as a child every time you solved a task and you were congratulated for it? Children are forever searching for the accepting approval from their loved ones that completing kids learning toys offers. They enjoy seeing their work appreciated and it builds the kind of confidence that will embolden them to take more risks and try new things. Good educational toys offer lots of encouragement, praise and just the right balance of help to get kids over the finishing line.

In conclusion, the importance of educational toys cannot be understated. They play a vital role in all aspects of a child’s learning, promoting the development of several necessary abilities that will prove vital in their future. The market continues to blossom with new and innovative educational toys that offer more variety at very affordable prices. Nowadays it’s relatively simple to find one that both buyer, and brood, will appreciate.