Best Scooters For KidsSo you’re on the lookout for a scooter for your little speed demon, huh? Finding scooters for kids isn’t as simple as just looking at the first two-wheeled vehicle you see in the catalogues – there are some things you may want to consider before parting with your money. For example, is the scooter you are eyeing up age appropriate? By that, what we mean is whether the scooter is suitable – in aspects such as size, weight and handlebar height – to suit your child. Or you may need to think about what your kid plans on using the scooter for. There is a diverse range of scooters for kids that offer different design specifications that make them more suitable for everything from speed racing to dirt scooting over rougher terrain. You may also want to think about your child’s safety on the vehicle and even the price.

Whatever the reason, and whatever the features you’re searching for, we have searched far and wide to bring you our recommendations, so that you don’t have to.

Zinc Bullit Speedo ScooterBest for Speed: Zinc Bullit Speedo Scooter

If you’re looking at scooters for kids that are both fast and conscious of this fact, then the Bullit Speedo is the vehicle to try. It comes with a cool addition: an actual digital speedometer attached conveniently to the frame of the handlebars. The speedometer boasts intuitive controls and a clear readout that is easy for kids to understand, recording the speeds (in both KMH and MPH) and distances that kids reach. This encourages children to want to achieve the fastest speeds they can and keeps the challenge fresh.

Besides this awesome feature, the scooter itself is crafted to produce smooth riding and control over many surfaces. It’s sturdy, streamline yet lightweight frame support 120mm PVC wheels loaded with 608z bearings that keep you rolling for longer, even through bumps. And, at the end of it all, this kids scooter folds away effortlessly for easy transportation and storage.

Best for Stunts: Madd Gear MGP VX7 Pro ScooterMadd Gear MGP VX7 Pro Scooter

Kids enjoy really taking a risk and, provided they have all of the safety equipment, there’s no harm, no foul. But you can reduce the risks present during stunt scooting buy simply buying scooters for kids that are specifically tailored to deal with stunts – like the MGP VX7 Pro Scooter from Madd Gear. Don’t be intimidated by the ‘Pro’ bit – this is a scooter for kids that is perfect for first time stunt riders.

It comes with a plethora of upgradeable features that can be added as your kid develops their skills. And it is stocked with high tech engineering – such as the 100mm MGP 88A anodized alloy core wheels, the IHC compression unit and heat-treated MGP scooter deck – that ensure a secure ride through the jumps and spins.

Razor Power Core E90Best Electric Scooter: Razor Power Core E90

Parents often worry about finding the best kids scooter that uses electric because, generally, children and electric don’t go together. But the Razor Power Core E90 is different. Taking into consideration everything from its build quality to moderate specifications, you needn’t feel like your kids can’t handle this one. This is a lighter, smaller, friendlier take on the typical electric scooters for kids, utilising a high-torque in-wheel hub motor, simple push-button acceleration control and short charge/extended use PowerCore Technology that promise over an hour of continued use.

This kid’s scooter easily reaches speeds of up to 9mph whilst maintaining a safe ride with lots of grip. Urethane front wheel and rear flat fee rubber tyres grip even slippery surfaces and caliper brakes bring this electric scooter for kids to a steady stop depending on the pressure applied.

Best Cool Design: Yvolution Y Fliker A3 Air ScooterYvolution Y Fliker A3 Air Scooter

Here’s a kids scooter that’s technically not a kick scooter. You can, of course, use your feet to push for speed on the ground, but the Y Fliker A3 Air Scooter incorporates an innovative design with a split bar and plate for each foot that enables kids to use their hips and feet to propel the vehicle. Simply by rocking from side to side whilst steering, speed gradually increases meaning that it takes less effort to get going and kids look stand-out cool whilst doing it.

A three-wheeled wonder, the Y Fliker’s unique design, performance rated PU wheels and reinforced steel tubing frame produce maximum control and balance, enabling the rider to perform the smoothest drifting and carving stunts of any kids scooters. And, like so many modern scooters for kids, it’s fully compactable so you can enjoy it wherever you go, at any time.

Micro Sprite ScooterBest for Portability: Micro Sprite Scooter

As we’ve just mentioned, many of today’s scooters are very conscious of being highly transportable and storable so that they serve as a convenient companion. But few offer that level of portability and durability that the Sprite range of scooters for kids offer. The Sprite boasts a simple folding system but weighs just 2.7kg making it several grams lighter than the average mini scooters for kids on the market.

Micro like to make a show about the steering system too, emphasising the 360 degree steering capability and how the it controls like riding a bike to give a more familiar feel to riders. All of this, coupled with the standardised aluminium frame make the Sprite one of the best kids scooters for no-fuss transportation.

Best Starter Scooter: Globber My Free Evo 5-in-1 Mini Micro Scooter

The best kids scooters often have multiple functions that cater to many ages or physical capabilities. Globber have invented the ultimate multipurpose scooters for kids with their award-winning My Free Evo 5-in-1 scooters. These skids scooters are made specifically with the youngest of riders in mind, tuned to help them to develop balance, coordination and learn to ride as they grow.

It has a low footboard making it quick and safe for young children to board, a push ride along function with removeable footrest, power-assisted steering and a steering lock for to allow parents to take full control of the scooter. If you are a concerned parent who wants the comfort of knowing that you can participate in your child’s scooter learning at every stage, then the My Free Evo 5-in-1 could be your best bet.