Electric cars make the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas and surely it’s something your kid will love. The battery-powered cars are perfect for any type of surface, from roads, to pavement and even your grass from your backyard.

A few years ago it was rather simple: basic controls with a tiny electric motor. However, things are very different today, when you can have things like speakers and wireless remote control.

Things to consider

Buying an electric car isn’t as easy as it may appear. The competition is though, you have many choices and you do need to choose one that meets your needs and has some elementary safety features.

Motor quality

It might sound very grown-up even though we are talking about electric cars, but you should pick one with a very high motor quality. An engine breakdown will mean trouble both you for, as well as for your kid.

Customer service

Or better yet, after sales. Yes, this is the same as for the big cars, right? And just like for the big cars, if you have a problem with your car, you should be able to get it fixed right away. So, have a quick look for brands near you before you decide on a model

Battery life

Of course, you don’t want a car that will keep running out of battery all the time. Charging the electric car will take some time and your children might be so eager and excited to drive it, that it’s very likely he might not have the patience to wait. This means you will want to look for the proven batter record so that you will know for sure what you are betting on.


One of the most important features is for the car to have built-in measure for your child in case of accidents. For extra safety, you can always get your kid gear, like a helmet, knee pads or elbow pads and also ensure he always has his seat belt on.

Material options

You should go with cars that have plastic or steel in them as there are lower chances for them to break or rust. Otherwise, the car should have enough strength to cover impacts, if the child runs into a wall.

In control

Driving the car can help children develop certain skills, as well as hand and eye coordination. So the controls should be easy enough for the kid to understand.

Extra features

The electric cars companies play this very well and the keep the cars updated with the latest tech. However, you can also add features of your liking, or better yet, your child’s. For example, if he is also preparing to become a rock star and he is very into music, you can get him speakers that connect via Bluetooth

Top electric cars for kids

Now that we know what do look for in an electric car, let’s see what would be best suited for your kid’s age. We have compiled a list with some examples for each.

Toddles (ages 1 – 3)

The most important thing to have in mind here is the battery. Most of them are built to be driven indoors and may have a restricted speed limit. They usually also come with a remote control for parent to make use of in time of need.

Peg Perego Polaris Slingshot 12v with RC

Over the age of 3 (ages 3-8)

At this point, children will coordinator their hands with their eyes better and can surely handle more advanced cars. The options are to update the existing one or get your past toddler a brand new car.

Land Rover Style 12V Electric Ride On Car Red

Older kids (ages 8+)

Now that you almost got a teenager on your hands, he will surely want something faster than the previous owned electric cars. The electric go-karts would be the best option as they can go twice as fast so it will fit perfectly into the scenery

BERG Compact Sport BFR Pedal Go Kart Blue

Final thoughts

All the above is well thought and can represent a mini-guide before going out to buy an electric car, however something that you should also take into account is what your children want. So we would suggest asking his opinion and what would he like to have.

The added technology will mean a little extra budget, however it does compensate with the safety features that help avoid any mishappenings and even more, some electric cars let you have full control and provide remote controls for the parent.