With so many toys out there and children wanting more and more, it’s hard to keep up and keep them happy. Of course, the kids will want them all, but which are truly best for them in terms of having fun and education, as well. They do not need to be the most expensive ones, because those aren’t always the right choice. You will want toys that encourage your children to experiment, to create and to imagine.

What can you do to keep them both happy and entertained, as well as have them learning new things every day and adding new skills? Children love toys, no doubt here. But toys can be more than just fun and games. They engage with children’s senses, spark their imagination and encourage them to interact and make friends.

Making education fun will help children learn better, retain better and be eager and excited for the next time around.

What do look for in toys as to cover this, as well? We have prepared some insights to help you out with this.

Personal development

Toys can work wonders when talking about your child’s personal development. And the best ones when it comes to this are the ‘open-ended’ toys. The toys can be used in multiple ways so it leaves it up to your kid’s creativity, imagination and problem-solving on how to play with it.

Some open-minded toys:

-          Block toys – today a tower, tomorrow a car, who knows what else can imagination build?

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-          Arts and crafts – paper in different colors, crayons,  markers, stickers and your child might be on the way of creating his very first masterpiece

Little Brian Paint Sticks Assorted Colours Pack of 24

-          Dress-up – whether the child is playing dress up on himself or playing with dolls, one thing is clear, he can be whoever he wants with a little bit of creativity

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How to choose right

If you are rather unsure if the toys will be suitable for your children, the information on the packaging might come in very useful as it shows the age range for which the toy is designed for. It mostly works as a guide. If your child might be interested in it or if he is at a more developed stage than the actual toy, is something you can best decide.

For young infants, those that have things to reach for, hold, suck on, shake or make noise can make very good toys. Another well working combination are those that have things to listed to, like poems or recordings or thinks to look at, like pictures.

Toddlers usually enjoy very much playing with boxes. This means that a wise choice to buy a toddler would a construction toy, like block building or dress-up. Another fun and enjoyable option would be a simple musical instrument, so they can shake and bang all day.

If your child is older, then challenging his imagination would be the thing to do, with toys like puzzles or various games.

Preschoolers or kindergartners as opposed to toddlers have a longer attention span. They start talking and most likely they will have plenty of questions to ask and they will surely love experimenting.

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Buying toys that your children don’t play with and are just sitting there would not something to benefit from. So ideally, you would want them to play with the toys at least three times per week. Also, it would be great if the toys can entertain not only your child, but with friends. So this would add the social aspect and encourage him to start friendships and socialize.

Last, but not least, toys need to make the ‘money’s worth’ so you feel that you have spent your money right. Right?

You should also pick something that you would love. Children love spending time with their parents so if these particular children toys give you a full hour of quality time with your kid, it’s more than safe to say it is worth your money. Your child will welcome a new toy and spending more time with Mom and Dad.  A win-win situation here.

Family values

At the end of the day, you are the person that decided what toys work best for your children.

And the best way to deal with a situation, should you have strong feelings about a certain toy it would be a good idea to have a discussion on this, even more if he is a bit older and would be able to understand. A good example that you can give is about family values and how they apply in your family.

Something that we would not recommend is refusing to buy your children toys as this might have quite the opposite outcome and have your child want them even more.

Safety first

Safe toys for children should be very well made, with no sharp edges or parts that they could swallow or put in their mouths. In addition to this, the paint should also be non-toxic.

Be sure to check the label of any of these.

At the end of the day, the best toys are the ones that are fun for your children and meet their needs. There is no quick or easy answer for this.