Choosing Travel Toys for ToddlersChoosing travel toys for toddlers require quite a bit of thought. It’s not the same as selecting toys to be played with in a toddler’s personal space or in the expansive areas of a garden. There are many more variables to consider that can affect how comfortable the travelling experience is for child, parents and even the remaining commuters on board.

Toddlers, by nature, are typically difficult travellers requiring mental and physical stimulation throughout the journey. But, believe it or not, toddlers are also very easy to please and can potentially be occupied by something as simple as a makeshift hand puppet or something they can they are permitted to tear like an old, used magazine.

Of course, there are much more viable options than tattered paper, but what are the things that parents and carers should consider when looking for toddler travel toys that do the trick without any hassle?

Toys Must Be Entertaining and Engrossing

A very important thing to remember when you’re on the lookout for effective travel toys for toddlers is that toddlers have very short attention spans, and their attention can bounce around at any given moment. Maintaining their attention for as long as possible is a big part of ensuring a safe and stable travel. The best way to do this is to focus on toddler travel toys that stimulate a child’s mind by being entertaining, expressive and, ideally, serving more than a single purpose or variation. Toddlers enjoy toys that are simple to understand, and encourage gross motor skills and a good level of creativity or imagination.

Search for Transportable Travel Toys

Looking for travel toys for toddlers that are easily packable and transportable serves more purposes than just the convenience of it. Obviously, if you want to keep packing lightweight, then you go for toys that are more compact and, ideally, do not come with multiple parts. But this is also important as it provides another task for children to become involved in – the unpacking, packing and maintenance of their own toys. Therefore, it might be a nice idea to find something that is small enough and light enough for your toddler to carry themselves.

Also, try not to pack too many toys as it will restrict space for essential bits of luggage that may be necessary further into your trip. The less toddler travel toys you have to worry about, the better as they can easily become damaged or misplaced if you’re having to account for all. Moreover, the additional space afforded by packing compactly when choosing travel toys for toddlers will allow for toy purchases whilst on travels that will keep the toy collection new and fresh for the return journey.

Avoid Disruptive Travel Toys

It’s likely that many of the toys you will encounter for toddlers will have some kind of sound or music element to them. That sensory interaction is vital to a toddler’s development, but it’s not so great for the sanity of already overwhelmed parents or innocent bystanders. When choosing travel toys for toddlers, always be conscious of how disruptive they can be. Consider whether they are noisy toys and how that can be addressed; also consider whether they can cause a mess or damage to property, and whether they are likely to encourage toddlers to become loud or move around a lot. Good toddler travel toys can keep toddlers enthused for hours without becoming troublesome to those nearby.

Be Wary of Spending Too Much

Whether you’re shopping for new travel toys for toddlers specifically for an upcoming trip, or you have some toddler travel toys in mind that you think would be good to bring along, be careful about how much they cost. Toddlers are unpredictable and particularly careless – even more so in unfamiliar environments such as planes, trains and cruises. By taking expensive toys on your travels, you potentially run the risk of losing them or them becoming damaged.

Think ‘Safety’

Safety when trying to find ideal travel toys for toddlers is about getting the most age appropriate travel toys that you can find. You have to know that your little ones are having a safe and enjoyable time without you having to look over your shoulder every five seconds when you’re driving the car, for instance. Fortunately, there are loads of toy choices available – such as soft toys, and toys that employ protective barriers - that are extremely child-friendly, ensuring secure play no matter how rambunctious your toddler gets with it.

Must-bring Travel Toys for Toddlers

Now that you, at least, know what to consider when searching for toddler travel toys, it’s time to really think about the ones that fit the bill. There are many options that you can go for but there are also some absolutely failsafe toys that work well during travel with toddlers.

The artistic route is possibly the best route to go down. Artistic entertainment is great on so many levels – for example, it’s compact material, it encourages a lot of imagination so it never becomes tedious, and it’s often thoroughly affordable. You can’t go wrong with some colouring materials and some paper. Get your toddler a pack of crayons and some sheets of paper and just allow them to draw and scribble till their heart’s content. Decorative stickers and even some playdough can also be good alternatives that work in a similar way to colouring.

Games and simple puzzles are both fun and education. Games and puzzles are amazing travel toys for toddlers as you can even make your own to suit your toddler’s preferences. On the other hand, there are travel toys such as balls, play vehicles, sets and foam blocks that are a lightweight and easy to cleans game to take along.

Then there are educational toys such as picture books, story books and board books that act as a great companion for young children. These types of books are not only wonderful for keeping toddlers engaged but they’re also very helpful when it comes time to put the children to sleep in a vehicle. Besides this, books being slim and lightweight are extremely practical travel toys for toddlers that they can store away and use on a regular basis.