9 Really Cool Kids Toys in 2017With the growth of technology and ever-creative and inventive manufacturing, it’s never been easier to find amazingly cool kids toys from numerous outlets, and at very affordable prices.

All kid’s toys offer a high level of entertainment that makes them particularly popular – but not all provide a level of ingenuity that make them so alluringly different to the fun toys and gadgets that are already widely commercially available.

From innovative robotics kits, to remote-controlled vehicles that are compact enough to fit into a lunchbox, we’ll take a look at some of the most eye-catching cool toys for kids in our rundown.

Razor RipStik Electric Caster Board

For a long time, Razor have been innovators of cool kids toys that children can ride on. One off their smartest inventions is the RipStik Electric Caster Board – a clever twist on the typical caster board design. The RipStick has an hourglass curve deck introducing a grinding bar in the middle of the board that allows kids to perform grinding tricks, without affecting the electrical circuitry.

The RipStik is supposedly inspired by snowboards, allowing for similar control and balance and 40 minutes of continue use on a single charge thanks to the new Power Core™ Technology that powers the in-wheel hub motor. Top speeds reach up to 10mph and, despite the additional power under the well-concealed hood, the RipStik is still light enough to perform like its more traditional namesakes.

SelfieMic Selfie Stick Microphone

The SelfieMic Selfie Stick Microphone is just that: it’s a microphone, attached to a selfie stick that attaches to your phone. It’s the most 2017-ish of cool kid’s toys. This cool toy for kids turns youngsters into perfectly-pitched popstars using voice-enhancing technology, and other intuitive functions and features, compliments of the Starmaker App which can be downloaded for most of the later operating systems on either Apple or Android devices. Choose between some of your favourite pop songs, follow the guides and lyrics that roll across your screen and record – you can even add graphic effects that turn karaoke into a complete showcase. Once you’ve done that, you can share your work with all your friends and have a fun time that will be remembered for ever.

Sphero 2.0

Described by its manufacturers as “a sophisticated companion”, the Sphero Robotic Ball is a toy that enables learning, play and exploration to its friends. It’s entirely controlled using the Bluetooth of your smartphone and comes with additional games and challenges that offer endless entertainment for all ages and capabilities – all you have to do is twist and tilt similarly to many smartphone games.

And, despite its shape leaving it prone to unpredictable mishaps, the Sphero is solidly built, lights up for use in dark environments, and is both water and pet proof should it become misplaced.

Power Up 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Here’s a cool kid’s toy with some real novelty value – and you have a big hand in how well the toy performs too. Using a powerful motorised frame, your smartphone or tablet, and a paper aeroplane personally crafted by yourself, you’ll soon be piloting a responsive remote controlled flyer that promises hours of entertainment for both pros and beginners.

The best part about it is it’s resilience to crashing, and its reusability. Tilt and twist your phone in order to manipulate direction, altitude and throttle. With extra technical parts – including spare parts and printed template designs for advanced pilots - and fast charging via USB connection, you’ll quickly master flight and explore the big, blue skies like never before.

Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS Personal Robot

Cool kid’s toys don’t come cooler than the Meccanoid G15 Personal Robot. It’s like owning your very own ‘Johnny 5’. Standing at 2ft tall and comprised of over 600 unique parts that include LED eyes, eight servos and its own “Meccabrain”, the Meccanoid G15 is capable of learning from its user’s physical (using Learned Intelligent Movement technology) and vocal (G15 has robust voice recognition capabilities) manipulations – as well as boasting a plethora of preprogrammed phrases, comments and cheeky banter. Soon, you’ll completely forget that this cool toy for kids is a robot and begin to treat him like a friend. This really is a cool toy that offers up something new and exciting each time you activate it.

Razor Crazy Cart Shift Electric Go Kart

It’s the good folks at Razor again, back with another super cool kid’s toy for kids with a need for speed. The Razor Crazy Cart Shift Electric Go Kart is a lot like its predecessor under the bonnet – they share many features and specifications that have made the model so successful – but, what takes this upgrade onto a whole new level is the revolutionary drive system that makes it possible to drive the cart forward, reverse, sideways and diagonally! Featuring a child-safe 350° steer-to-drift range, a drift bar to aid control of the back-end whilst drifting, and speeds of up to 10mph, the Crazy Cart Shift is possibly the most exciting product amongst razor’s illustrious range.

Merge Virtual Reality Headset

VR goggles that connect directly to our beloved phones and don’t cost a bomb – the future is here! Tantalise your senses and access a world away from the one you know with the VR Start experience that connects you to a variety of games, apps and 3D encounters.

Why Merge? Well, quite simply, it merges with your smartphone in order to merge the digital and physical world to create intense and child-friendly interactive experiences.

The headset has been completely childproofed, fashioned from light, soft material that make it both comfortable to wear and durable through shock. And the headset is available in many different colours, so you can accessorise accordingly. Immerse yourself in this cool toy for kids.

Anki Overdrive Battle and Race Robotic Supercars

Remember go Scalextric? Think that but way more futuristic when we’re talking about these cool kid’s toys. Described as “the world’s most intelligent battle racing system”, Anki Overdrive couples the practicality of a physical racing set with the imagination of a digital gaming system. The tracks can be quickly set up into several different configurations (including additional extras for extending the starter kits), four cars can be involved in a single race and the gameplay boasts weapons, multiple game types and frequent bonuses and app updates.

Quercetti 205 Piece Star Wars Skyrail Marble Run

Get into this massive marble run game that’s equipped to handle ‘the dark side’ – with its glow in the dark track. Quercetti’s Star Wars 205 Piece Marble Run provides limitless enjoyment – not only from watching your best marbles speed through the course, but also from constructing daring and exciting courses to be proud of.

This cool toy for kids is also a fascinating way of learning the fundamental principles of physics – which makes it a unique educational experience for young children.