Fun Rainy Day Activities for KidsWe know that it’s summer but, summer in Britain isn’t quite the same as, say, a summer in the Caribbean. On these isles, we’re much more vulnerable to caprices in weather that keep us cooped up for hours, so it’s very important that we have alternative activities to enjoy in such an event – especially if we also have children to please.

Finding rainy day activities for kids isn’t a difficult task as long as you’re creative and resourceful. Even if you’ve never purchased a toy, a game, or any other indoor activities for kids, there are several options to go for, but with a little bit of imagination, you can create amazing rainy day activities using things around the house.

We know that the immediate feeling is to just pack in the day and lie down doing nothing but at least don’t let bad weather get in the way of your kids’ enjoyment and development. Good rainy day activities for kids are vital in so many respects: for keeping kids happy, of course; as a healthy release of pent-up energy; for bonding with your child in a creative way; for achieving more control over the safety of your children during play, and so on.

Here we outline some fun and inexpensive indoor activities for kids that the entire family can pass the time with.


Naturally, the best rainy day activities for kids are going to involve their beloved toys. It’s what they’re up to the most whilst they’re in doors anyway. You could just leave them to their devices with their action figures and playsets, but as I’ve previously mentioned, rainy day activities for kids provide the perfect setting for parents and carers to connect with children. So join in with their play – even if the game doesn’t recommend two or more players. For example, why not fight with figurines or create a short comedy act with them?

Cards work well because they are often tailored for two or more players. Colour and suit association games such as ‘Snap!’ and ‘Crazy Eights’ are simple games that even young children can take part in and enjoy.

We recommend a game that offers variety though – for longevity. Indoor activities for kids that are too repetitive can become boring quickly. Construction toys, for example, are only ever limited by the user’s imagination, so as long as you build new, exciting constructions, the fun is endless. Toys such as Lego and marble run toys offer this freedom of expression and are super simple to use.

Physical Games

By physical games, we don’t mean wrestling with your 2-year old; that’s an unfair fight – you wouldn’t stand a chance! Physical games are those rainy day activities that encourage the use of mobility – actually get off your backside and walking, running, dancing and so on, to satisfy the aims of the game.

Provided you have a decent sized house, many of the games played by your little ones on the playgrounds of their schools can be enjoyed indoors. ‘Hide and Seek’ is a classic and it’s a lot safer in a more confined space. ‘Slow Motion It’ is a funny play on the original ‘It’ tag format where the person who is “it” and those chased must perform all actions in slow motion. Or even consider rainy day activities like building an indoor den using blankets and cardboard box, or a treasure hunt using hidden clues and cool prizes in every hiding place. As long as everybody can be involved and is working off those rainy day blues.


Art has often been one of the more popular rainy day activities for kids. Most people have the tools needed to create the most amazing masterpieces, and keep creating till dinnertime. The good thing about art is, as well as obviously being fun, it’s extremely educational and valuable to a child’s development in the way it promotes the use of imagination, hones motor skills and boosts confidence. Whether it’s colouring in, simple finger art or some fiddly paper mache, try to recycle materials from around the home. Let your kids use their imagination whilst remaining environmentally friendly.

If you fancy a project that’s constructive and different that will last the test of time (quite literally), try something like making a time capsule. Essentially, a time capsule is a decorative capsule full of memories, favourite toys, songs and a notes to your future self. Once it is created, you seal it and bury to be dug up a long time into the future. A time capsule will be fun and will create a lot of great memories.


This is your chance to train a life skill here. Cooking is something that children are often very curious about and are eager to get involved in. There are lots of inventive and child-friendly recipes on the internet and in recipe books. But there’s a fine balance between it being an enjoyable collaborative experience and a chore. So remember to know your child’s limits, make something that doesn’t require to work near, or come in contact with, dangerous utensils and materials, and show patience throughout.

Simple, safe recipes such as ice cream, or baking cookies or miniature pizzas. Not only are these recipes traditionally safe to create, but they can also be whipped up from ingredients in the average cupboard and you can even do snazzy designs to spruce up the presentation.


You tell a story; the children tell a story; or tell a story together – storytelling is much like art in inspiring original ideas. One way to get the ball rolling is to read a story – a familiar classic like Hansel and Gretel or Jack and the Beanstalk’ - and invite you child to add their own twist to the story. This teaches kids to use quick wits which is a priceless skill to apply in other aspects of life.

Watch Films

Who doesn’t love a movie day when trying to think of rainy day activities for kids? There’s something about the serenity of the rain that is soothing and just makes you want to cook up some popcorn, grab a duvet and vegetate in front of your Netflix. Genres can range but generally you want comedies, adventure or fantasy films. Kids tend to focus on new, attractive experiences more, and this activity is not about falling asleep in front of the TV and wasting a day.