Each Mabot pack is a staggering automated framework that enables children to utilize secluded parts to make robots and special capacities, for example, moving, detecting the environment and associating with the earth.

Mabot has 4 sets of units and every one of them can be utilized to construct diverse kinds of individual multi-utilitarian robots. At that point, utilizing the Mabot Go and IDE App, children can without much of a stretch control the robots and figure out how to program them with extra capacities.

Like the structure of human body, Mabot has 5 kinds of essential balls, the control ball, the drive ball, the association ball, the battery ball, and the sensor ball.

Every one of the balls is structured into the correct size to snatch. Mabot is likewise among the first of its caring that bolsters hot-stopping, implying that you can include or evacuate practical parts without killing the power.

Mabot Robots Thusly, We Ensure The Safety And Get You Concentrated On Playing And Learning.

The essential balls may look muddled however they are most certainly not! Mabot accompanies the straightforward and natural Mabot Go App (accessible on Apple Store and Google Play) that gives simple, well ordered guidelines for you.

It is enjoyable to construct a robot sans preparation yet considerably increasingly wonderful when you can empower diverse valuable capacities into your robots. With Mabot Go, you can undoubtedly program with the straightforward intuitive for various capacities, for example, changing light hues, driving the wheels, hitting the catch, and significantly more.

Subsequent To Mastering The Mabot Go, It Is Time To Try The Next Level!

Mabot IDE is a propelled programming App yet at the same time very simple for children to utilize and figure out how to code. It accompanies a visual programming interface which enables you to drag the preset coding squares and place them in a succession to understand your ideal capacities!

Mabot Go App accompanies well-ordered building directions for 12 distinct robots, which fill in as missions for your children to finish. En route, they will get the hang of building nuts and bolts and ace coding as they go.

The hands-on guidelines will lead the clients to program their robots in explicit ways and test them to finish on their objectives. When you achieve the missions and get progressively acquainted with Mabot segments, you can rapidly transform your innovativeness into the real world.

Mabot unit is extendable with extra packs, much the same as Lego squares and it will help children to investigate the creative approaches to play together as a group. 

Mabot Robots


Mabot is perfect with Lego blocks, so you can generally extend your robots with your own LEGO™ toys for unlimited mixes of imaginative fun!

Mabot Apps

Mabot Go App is at present accessible on both Apple Store and Google Play. You can download it and investigate the robot-building directions!

Mabot IDE gives a simple graphical programming technique for children to code with a basic simplified strategy. They can attempt various blends of programming capacities as they play and learn. Because of the constrained screen space of cell phones, the Mabot IDE App is accessible just for iPad.

Mabot Robots

Mabot Components And Kits 

Like a human body that has cerebrum, muscle, legs, and eyes, Mabot has its very own figuring focus, driving wheels, sensors and association parts. Every serve a vital capacity.

About Us

We are group Rideontoys4u, the main mechanical and inventive science instruction association in China. We are suppliers of mechanical technology instruction, AI innovative work, and science training. We make "learning by doing and playing" educational modules that energize hands-on learning, creative energy, innovativeness, sensible reasoning and collaboration for youngsters.

We need to bring community, hands-on apply autonomy and programming figuring out how to each child on the planet! Join our crusade and help us make learning a good time for more youngsters.

Mabot Robots

Dangers And Challenges

Each extraordinary undertaking has its difficulties, particularly those that incorporate joining programming, equipment, and accuracy parts.

We will attempt our best to be as straightforward as would be prudent so you will be refreshed with the subtleties of item creation after the battle accomplishes its objective.

Go along with us on this energizing adventure as Mabot turns into another standard for kids figuring out how to code and build up the developing STEM training network.

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