Product Review: Razor Crazy Cart Shift Electric Go Kart

Remember the good old children’s go kart? The aerodynamically-built pedal cars kids love to whiz around their local parks? I think that they may soon become a thing of the past, such is the evolution of the go kart. Nowadays, it’s common to see an electric go kart or two haring around your neighbourhood. But I bet you’ve never seen a kids electric go kart like this before.

Introducing the Razor Crazy Cart Shift. This full-throttle, action-packed little rascal offers thrills and spills like you’ve never seen before. The best part about it is that it’s even suitable for adults in case dad wants a cheeky go. I took the innovative electric go kart on a spin and had a blast!

What exactly is the Crazy Cart Shift?

Essentially, the Razor Crazy Cart Shift is a lightweight, compact children’s go kart. It’s suitable for riders aged eight upwards and can reach up to 9mph on a good surface. Like its archetypal predecessors, it can be used as a race vehicle. But if you’re not interested in racing, it has an amazing, fun feature like no other…

Crazy Cart drift

The Crazy Cart’s standout feature is its ability to drift. Drifting is the action of deliberately oversteering causing the wheels to lose traction, causing the vehicle to slide. It’s like performing skids on a bicycle – only the aim is to navigate corners without stopping. The Crazy Cart mimics this action using its 350° drive system that allows riders to drive in all directions.

The Razor Crazy Cart Shift


Nobody wants a children’s go kart that can’t ensure the safety of its driver. The Crazy Cart is a kids electric go kart that is conscious of this. It feels as sturdy as it looks. This is thanks to a solid steel chassis clad in some tough polypropylene for a soft touch. It’s looks as industrial as it feels but is that a compliment or a blot?

This electric go kart has a distinctive tilt at the front. Instead of bouncing off walls, you glance off them. But, for adults like me, this meant falling backwards off the vehicle at inopportune times. Still, the Crazy Cart can withstand bumps and scrapes better than any children’s go kart I’ve tried before.


Razor Crazy Cart Shift

One thing’s certain – the Crazy Cart is not designed for tall people. It’s an electric go cart that is under a metre in length. At 89cm length, 62.5cm width, and 34cm height, it’s a very compact style children’s go kart. Because of this, I was hunched, knees at my shoulders, into a human wrecking ball. My weight also caused imbalances. Children under 5 foot will find the size manageable though.


54kg is tough to lug around for a grown up, let alone a young child. That’s the price to pay for the awesome specifications and features on this bad boy. The weight of the kids electric go kart doesn’t inhibit it in any way though. Despite the combined weight of the driver and unit, it still produces a smooth ride over varying surfaces. It’s also designed in a weight that the weight is distributed evenly to prevent imbalances that could cause control issues.


Start the Crazy Cart like you would an on/off light switch with a simple click. Located on the side of the electric go cart, the power switch is neighboured by a the charger socket.

The Crazy Cart claims to provide 40 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. I charged it up for almost the advised 12 hours and got about 30-33 minutes out of it. On average, I reached about 7 mph which doesn’t sound like much but when you’re spinning wildly, it’s plenty.

With 24 volts (two 12-volt batteries) under the hood, there is plenty of power to supplement the performance of this kids electric go cart. All you have to do is connect the charger socket – located beneath the steering wheel – into your nearest mains.  


Razor Crazy Cart Shift Front WheelRazor Crazy Cart Shift Caster Wheels

Steering is intuitive. Though the steering system on this kids electric go cart is different to steering we’re used to. There is a marked arrow on the steering wheel that signifies the direction you will move in. So, for example, if it is pointing backwards towards you, you will move in reverse. It sounds trickier than it is. You never feel out of control. Razor have created an ingenious steering system that is lots of fun.


Pedal to the metal – just like a full-size automobile. The accelerator is located on the right-hand side of the foot base and powers the new in-wheel motor. The new Power Core technology eliminates the need for maintenance making this children’s go cart durable and safer.

When I got on, I pressed the accelerator all the way down for some minutes, craving more speed control. It took me some trials to realise that the foot pedal was a variable speed controller. So the amount of pressure you apply, the faster you go. There aren’t many reasons to go slower than 9 mph, but if you find one, at least you know that it’s possible.


Razor Crazy Cart Shift Bucket SeatRazor Crazy Cart Shift Bucket Seat

The bucket seat is more than adequate. It’s made entirely from polypropylene and has a modest curvature to suit most bums. Fortunately, I am quite slim so I didn’t find the seat problematic, but it could prove inhospitable for larger children. Still, it’s your typical, no-frills go kart seat that’s stood the test of time.

A seatbelt – or security device to fasten riders in – would’ve elevated the seating experience. Given this electric go kart’s turbulent steering, it would come in handy.


Big wheel at the front and supported by two smaller coaster wheels at the rear, it can feel like you’re on a motorised office chair rather than a children’s go kart at times. There are two stabilisers either side of the solid urethane front wheel for stability on sharper corners. The stabilisers don’t touch the ground unless necessary, so don’t worry about them inhibiting your fun.

Razor Crazy Cart Shift DriftingYay!

It’s such a pleasurable play thing. As a kid, I was never much of a fan of children’s go karts. I was much more into bikes. But I can definitely felt like I did as an excited 10 year old riding my new Raleigh on this baby.

The simple, responsive controls allow young children to perform eye-catching “stunts” safely. Throughout my ride, I thought about how insane it would be if everybody in the office raced on one. Whilst it would be utter mayhem, it would be meticulously measured mayhem on kit that us sturdy and reliable.

Provided you have a flat surface underneath, there’s no limit to the entertainment value. I drove it in every conceivable direction. If I could, I’d absolutely drive it in the direction of my house garage too.


Easy – charging time. Charging this kids electric go kart for half a day for under an hour’s worth of action is annoying. And, as I previously pointed out, I got barely half an hour’s worth from it. A work colleague who also had a go quipped that it would be great if you could change the battery. As things stand, you can’t. But if you could, it would allow you to simply change batteries to lengthen the play. Brilliant! Razor, get on it.

The Crazy Cart children’s go kart isn’t adept at handling uneven ground. The coaster wheels at the back are made solely for even ground but, when you live in an urban environment, that’s quite scarce. If the wheels get stuck in a crack, you have to get up to release yourself. Now just imagine your wheels catching mid drift with no seatbelt…Ouch!

So, is it worth it?

Absolutely. This is a toy that pretty much anybody can enjoy. It’s difficult to find genuinely exciting toys with such universality. Whether you’re racing friends or riding solo, the razor Crazy Cart is a guaranteed hit for both kids and grownups.