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Berg Go Karts

What are go karts?

Go karts are ride-on toys with four wheels, which are propelled by pedals. With durable tyres and a sturdy frame, they can be used on many surfaces, by young to old children.

What is the best surface for BERG go karts?

For the smoothest ride, go karts work best on hard surfaces, such as pavement. Maximal speeds can be acheived on these surfaces and there is less risk of anything puncturing a tyre. BERGs are very well made and are incredibly durable. They can confidently be used on grass or slightly muddy terrains, albeit with less speed.

Are these go karts safe?

Yes they are. BERG go karts are pedal-powered, so there is less risk of injury, as they cannot reach fast speeds without a motor. Nevertheless, children should be supervised whilst they ride the carts, especially in regards to staying out of roads with traffic. If you are particularly worried about your child getting hurt, they can use a helmet for increased protection.

How do they work?

Pedal-powered go karts are pretty straightforward: you sit in the go kart seat and push the pedals to move forwards. BERG go karts include a BFR drive system for easy cruising.

Models of BERG go karts intended for older children also include gears. These gears help the rider when going up or down hills.

What is the BFR system?

BRF stands for Brake Freewheel. The unique BFR system allows you to pedal forwards and push back slightly to brake. Once you have stopped, you can pedal backwards, all without changing gears. The BFR system also allows you to go down hills without the pedals constantly hitting your shoes and scraping your ankles.

For a perfect fit, BERG go karts also include an adjustable seat.

Does BERG offer motorised go karts?

No, BERG produces go karts that are pedal-powered. This is great exercise for children, and is safer than motorised go karts.

What ages are appropriate for go karts?

BERG has several different models of go karts, with different age ranges. For younger children, there are models that are suitable for 2, 3 and 4-year-olds. Depending on their size, they can usually use a go kart for 2-3 years, thanks to its adjustable design. There are also big BERGs, which can be used up until the age of 12, depending on the child's size.

BERG also makes go kart models which can be used into adulthood! Dad, your turn next!

Are there accessories available?

There are many accessories to go along with your BERG go kart. RideOnToys4U has safety flags, flashing lights, roll bars, trailers, extra seats and more.

Note: These accessories generally work across all go karts, but go to the specific page to make sure. Sometimes, the models of go karts for younger children (BERG Buddy and BERG Rally) are not compatible with accessories intended for the big BERG go karts.

Are go karts just for boys?

No, on the contrary! We believe that every girl should be able to enjoy the fun of a go kart, just like her brother, cousin or friend on the street. BERG offers several colour combinations to this end, so she can find one the best matches her preferences and style.

Are BERG go karts sturdy?

BERG go karts are rough and tough machines! Built to last, these go karts are ideal for adventures - even if it's just in your driveway! They are nearly indestructible and will remain strong for many generations of children. Many models include features such as a front spoiler, back mud guard and radial tyres for even more extreme riding.

Is any assembly required?

Generally, the bulk of the go kart comes already assembled, depending on the model. However, there are some parts that you will need to assemble yourself. In addition to the instructions that come with the go karts, there are many videos on the RideOnCars4U and on the BERG YouTube channel to help you.

What if I need assistance?

For any problem with your order or assembling the go kart, you are welcome to call us and we will be happy to help you with any issue you may have. Our number is 02037500650. You can also send us an email at

Is a warranty included with BERG go karts?

Yes, all BERG go karts include a six-month warranty on faulty or damaged items. See our FAQ for more information on this limited warranty.

History of pedal-powered go karts

Technically speaking, these go karts are four-wheeled bicycles, also called a quadracycle or pedal car. These quadracycles first appeared at the World's Fair in New York City in 1953. They were used for general transportation and mail delivery. However, with the rise of the normal, two-wheeled bicycle, they began to lose interest from the public.

Since the 1920s, the quadracycle gas seen a surge in use, due to the wars, limited access to petrol and environmental concerns, among others. Today, they are used as taxis, tourist destination rentals, touring and industrial use. And, of course, by millions of children around the world!

As far as records show, the first go-kart/pedal cars for children began in the early 20th century, in France. Especially following World War II, these became a favourite ride-on toy for many children in the age of automobiles. BERG has been in business for more than 30 years and now is one of the largest pedal go kart manufacturers in the world.

About BERG

BERG products are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, also known as Holland. With a keen eye for design and engineering, the Dutch are the perfect creators of high quality go karts, trampolines and accessories. Every year, BERG products win numerous awards for children's toys.