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Action figures & playsets

Games and toys stimulate not only the child's skill, but also his imagination and intelligence. When choosing for your kid, there are a few criteria to keep in mind. Psychologists are proposing you to opt for objects appropriate to the child's age and level of development.

Choosing toys is a serious assignment for parents. Too simple objects are more likely to bore the little one, and the ones too advanced will upset him

The correct choice will, however, be easier if adults take into account a few simple principles:

Beyond the continuous sophistication of toys, today's children have remained as simple as before in many ways. For example, the need to interact with parents as often as possible and to feel loved by them has remained just as important.

Especially in the first years of life, the attention of the parents and their involvement in their game, and the attractiveness of the toys is on a secondary place;

Toys and games are not just entertainment for the child, but also a means of expressing and relating to others. Childhood games help the child develop and these should give the little one the opportunity to explore, learn, create;

Learning through play is the most effective method of learning because it is not seen as an obligation by the child. Its efficiency is also explained by the fact that, in the game-learning process, more brain areas are stimulated than in any other teaching methods;

Activities that involve movement help children to learn and develop at a faster pace than those that involve the state in a place for a long time;

The game can be a good therapy way to resolve the possible inner conflicts of the little ones, at an age when they cannot realize their problems or externalize their fears.

Cartoons are not just a way for children to relax or waste their time. It can be a useful tool for learning and developing creativity. Moreover, it is said that when children have fun they learn faster and better. Animation combines them in an exceptional way both.

They bring a great contribution to:

  • Developing creativity
  • New skills and abilities
  • The motivation to learn new things
  • Speed in thinking
  • Intuitive thinking
  • Source of general culture

They do not just have the role of bouncing and maintaining it pleasantly. Many of them are educational and have characters that can serve as a moral example, from which your little one can learn a lot of essential lessons of life! Here are some heroes that deserve to be loved by your child:

  • Barbie
  • Disney Princess
  • Ben 10
  • Captain America
  • Avengers
  • Batman
  • Disney Toy Story
  • My litlle pony

 Knowing your child's preferences about cartoon characters, toys can become more special. Every time you want to buy a toy or a game, you will see that different models have appeared on the market. Almost every cartoon character has a certain range of: Bikes, Backpacks, Toys or Games with its appearance.

Toys are considered by psychologists as social tools through which the little ones explore the world. In order to accomplish this mission, it is very important for parents to diversify and get out of the area of one child-preferred character.

We are trying to help you with some tips on buying toys, we have tried to summarize the categories of toys by the age of the little ones.

It is very important not to leave the child unattended sharp objects, standard scissors or things with which he can injure himself or others.