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Pretend play toys

Pretend play is an activity children begin to display very early on in their lives from about 11 months old. There are plenty of examples of pretend play such as dressing up, playing as their favourite superheroes or playing with dolls and imagining they are flying to the moon.

Ride On Toys 4 U offers a great selection of pretend play toys to really help the littles ones enjoy becoming an Avenger, a chef cooking up a tasty meal or even just simply going to the supermarket with a shopping trolley.

What is pretend play?

Pretend play is when a child is pretending to be something, someone else or if something is ‘real’. They are expanding the current situation outside normal reality and creating their own wondrous world. A perfect example of this is when a child is having a tea-party with some teddy bears and they believe the tea is ‘too hot’ or the teddy bears are ‘full-up’.

This type of play will also feature invisible and made up objects or animals. Afterall, a child’s imagination is second to none when coming up with weird and wonderful things or scenarios. You’re childs doll might have a pet then only they can see and feel or there might be an imaginary spaceship made out of an old cardboard box.

What are the benefits of pretend play?

Children develop differently and it’s important that they learn and play in their own time. Pretend play has far reaching long-term benefits for children of all ages. Some of these benefits include: language skills, social skills, emotional skills and thinking skills.

If a child is chatting with or creating the voice of one of their toys then this helps improve their overall language skills. They may even be using words and phrases you’ve never heard them use before! Pretend play helps kids organize their words and create a story narrative, bridging the gap between reading and writing words, effectively helping kids learn to read.

When a child pretends to play cooperatively with other children they are learning to share responsibility, how to take turns and solve problems creatively. This helps build understanding and empathy about the emotional state of other people and kids around them.

Let’s not forget that creating a fun fantasy world throws up problems to solve. If children can think through a problem like what materials to use to make a castle or how they might paint a rocket ship then these are problems that will help your child in the future and forever more.

What types of pretend play toys are available?

Pretend play is an important part of a young child’s life. Ride on Toys 4 U offers some fantastic toys to help fire the imagination of your little ones and to send them to exciting far-away places with fun friends. Let them get creative with some of our construction toys including fun tool boxes and toolkits right up to fully kitted out tool shops!

If your child loves pretend dressing up and kitting out dolls with some awesome sparkling accessories then we stock plenty of make up kits, elegant beauty studios and dolls to keep the little ones entertained.

We stock plenty of general pretend play items such as lawnmowers, hoovers, irons, baby car seats, kitchens and ice cream carts to help your children get involved with the everyday household chores. They might not be quite ready for a real hoover or iron just yet however.

Whatever the type of pretend play you want for your children, rest assured that Ride on Toys 4 U understands the importance of letting children make up their own weird and wonderful adventures where they can grow and mature through the world of play.

Not only does pretend play help develop your child’s cognitive abilities but because pretend play is often very physical and active, it’s a perfect way to keep children fit, healthy and boost their motor skills.

Pretend play helps them develop important social and emotional skills and enable them to solve problems creatively. All this can be done using toys of the highest quality and with safety always at the forefront of the design.

Ride on Toys 4 U takes child safety very seriously and all toys, models, kits and costumes are rigorously tested to the latest standards and regulations. We believe sourcing safe and high quality products to ensure you have the confidence in all of the products that we sell.

We are armed with great understanding about the importance of play and child safety and with these in mind we are proud to deliver the best service and the best products at the best price.