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Robot Toys for Kids

Robot toys come in all sorts of weird and wonderful sets, shapes and kits. They are ideal for children of all ages that show a keen interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Also known as STEM, these subjects are probably some of the most important educational topics in the education sector today.

Robotic toys can be fun but it is crucial to get robot toys that are engaging and fun for children at a specific level. There are plenty of benefits to getting young children involved with robot toys from an early age, all help develop vital skills that equip youngsters for the long-term future.

Very young children are constantly soaking up their surroundings. Touch, smell, sight and sound are all stimuli and it’s important that these senses are explored and engaged as often as possible. Robotics are perfect to sharpen all of these senses as robot toys are interactive, making interesting sounds with flashing lights and interesting textures.

Robot toys are a sure way to spark children’s interest in science and technology.This interest will surely pave the way for children to pursue coding, computer science, or engineering. Robotics and AI will undoubtedly be a common feature in the workplace in the near future, so this can give children a head start by getting them familiar with these things now.

Interacting with toy robots give children imaginary situations and questions, encouraging them to think critically and solve problems quickly.. Critical thinking improves the way children express their thoughts, analyze the play situation, leading to improved comprehension. Not only does this help critical thinking, it helps children collaborate and work together with other children on school projects. It can also give kids more confidence in social interactions in and out of the classroom.

Learning through play is one of the most useful and important methods in young children’s development. Younger minds keep more information for more extended periods when they are fully engaged and having fun. It’s natural for young children to engage in playful behaviour. Therefore, entertaining them through educational games keeps their brains stimulated and engaged. Robot toys spark curiosity, so applying them in education can be an impactful way to get children to retain information and build on that information at school.

At Ride On Toys 4 U, we believe children deserve the very best methods and products to have fun with but at the same time learning and developing essential life skills that will help in future education, career and life development.

Ride On Toys 4 U stock a wide selection of robot toys available from world leading manufacturers such as Vtech, Silverlit and Mabot.

Vtech has been supplying the world with expertly designed “edutainment” electronic toys since the early 1980’s and know how to keep children both educated and entertained.

Vtech’s PetSqueaks Hattie Hamster Pocket Sized Robotic Pet can go with you anywhere thanks to it’s dinky size. Hattie moves and scurries around on flat surfaces just like a real pet and touching 1 of the 3 sensors triggers fun and interactive responses. Hattie also comes with some amazing accessories, including headwear, jacket and a food item so that you can dress and feed her.

For older children who are looking for a bigger and much more exciting challenge, check out our range of Mabot toys. They are a modular design, being easy to assemble and great for teaching kids about robotics, basic coding and engineering skills. The Mabot range comes with a hot-plugging function, allowing easy accessibility and uninterrupted gaming. All sets include an entertaining app that turns learning into a game.

Silverlit robot toys are some of the most accessible and interesting on the market today. If you want robots to fight deadly battles then the Robo Kombat Battle Pack will be insanely popular. The pack includes two robots and 2 game modes are available - Challenge mode and battle with A.I. In the challenge mode, children can battle with your friends (maximum 4 players).
These mighty robots have powerful fists with combo punch, LED illuminated eyes and cool punching sound effects.

Give children a robot pet to take care of with Silverlit’s Robo Dash Robotic Dog. Dash is a lovable robotic puppy that will follow you wherever you go. Robo Dash grows and shrinks his spring-like fabric body up to 45cm. He comes with 2 modes - gesture control and Manual control mode with a multi-directional remote. Throw the ball shaped remote and he will fetch it just like a real puppy and even plays realistic sounds - puppy pants, barks and even wags his tail!

Robotic toys can teach children so much about the importance of movement, interaction and problem solving. STEM subjects are the future and Ride On Toys 4 U knows that children having fun, is one of the most effective ways to get children learning, particularly ever increasing skills in coding, robotics and engineering.