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Blasters and Launchers

Play is essential for growing and learning children, and toys are the tools by which children learn about the surrounding world. With the toys and the materials you buy, you choose what and how the children will learn. Today's toys are expensive, and you have to choose between hundreds of variants. Here are some useful tips:

  • Think of the types of activities that please your child and you will be able to choose good toys to attract.

  • Replace the toys according to the stage of your child's development, as with the rapid growth of children, the clothes remain small and need to be changed.

  • Choose toys that will "grow" with your children.

  • Give your child a toy. The child's play changes as the body and mind develop.

What does the chils learning when he play?

He learns to control and coordinate his movements. In order to achieve the desired effect of a toy, the child is willing to repeat a movement a dozen times, ultimately achieving perfect coordination of the movements.

They realize how things work. During experiences with different types of toys, the child learns about causes and effects and how they can be mastered. ( ex. Blasters and Launchers )

He develops his muscles. By manipulating toys, children make full use of their muscles and joints, thus developing harmoniously.

Learn new words and ideas. Using different types of toys, the child learns about the weight of things, their volume, or the attributes of various materials in the environment

He develops his creativity. The game offers children the opportunity to try new types of behavior for a fuller understanding of the surrounding world.

They use their imagination. New pictures, stories books or more unusual toys stimulate imagination and make children feel and appreciate the beauty of life in the most different forms.

Solves problem situations. Concerned about the end result or not, the children succeed in repetitive experiments always finding new ways to resolve the problems.

Learn to cooperate with others. The rules that they have to observe while playing make them children for a subsequent family and social integration.\

How should toys be?

When choosing toys for our children, we must consider that they have a range of qualities, that is, be: age-appropriate;

Think about what the child would enjoy at this stage of development, not what you would like to buy:education;

Think also that you help him learn things faster with the help of certain toys: atrăgătoare;

No matter how educative and age-appropriate, the appearance of toys is overwhelmingly important, especially in older children, where fashion can influence them decisively:neprimejdioase;

Toys that have smaller parts that break out are extremely dangerous for children under three years of age. They can suffocate if they swallow these fragments during the game. A similar danger is sharp edges or sharp edges. Always read the instructions on the toy packaging: Easy to clean;

Children often attach to some toys that even when they degrade and get older they are still loved. Dust and microbes that accumulate over time must therefore be easily removed from toys: Well made;

Choose sturdy toys! In this way, the child can handle them at will, without destroying them before time: cheap;

Last but not least, think about the price when you buy your child's toys. Remember, like toys, toys need to be changed often and they are ruined as quickly.

Children need time, space and, in some cases, the adult company to enjoy their toys. A talkative but compassionate adult can open their way to new educational game universes.