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Kids outdoor playhouses

Children love playing different roles and scenarios in imaginative play. Play kitchens
and play houses are a particularly popular resource for pretend play, as it gives
children the opportunity to imitate situations that they are familiar with. Whether they are playing the role of a head chef, waiter, kitchen porter or parent at home, play kitchens allow children to imagine themselves in new roles and cook up exciting

Kitchen role play isn’t just a fun activity for children, it also benefits a child’s
development! Young children learn through play and are always exploring and
experimenting – so we’ve compiled a list of the key benefits that play kitchens give

Kids outdoor playhouse

Role play gives children the opportunity to express themselves creatively and engage in storytelling. Children vocally enact the role that they are playing, which enhances their language development and communication.

Play houses and kirchens encourage the little ones to engage in play with other
children, which enhances their social development. They create discussions around
who will play what role, what they should cook and how they are going to do it. This
inspires children to work as a team and cooperate so that they can get the job done
quicker – encouraging them to share, take turns and listen to other people’s opinions and ideas.

By providing children with their own play house it gives them a sense of independence, which increases their self-confidence. They fully adopt the role of
working and become responsible for keeping it clean, organising the belongings and
caring for the different items in the kitchen and house. When children undertake real
life roles and play superior roles such as head chefs, mom, dad, doctor they also start to develop great leadership qualities as well.

Play kitchens help to improve a child’s numeracy skills. Children may count how
many plates they need, weigh ingredients or count how many minutes the food needs to be in the oven for, which enhances their mathematical learning while they play. By promoting different types of pretend food, such as fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat, it encourages children to make healthier food choices. They imagine the food they have cooked in appetising scenarios, which tends to encourage them to try eating that food in real life as well.

Kitchen role play or house role play enhances a child’s cognitive ability and problem-
solving skills. If problems arise, such as a fork going missing, or a bed is broken it forces children to come up with a solution – whether that is substituting the fork
something else or trying to fox the bed or going out of their way to try to fix the

In all these cases the main purpose of these kitchenettes is simply to encourage children’s creativity, concentration, at the same time that they get a new hobby, which eventually can turn into a valuable profession.

Encourage your budding little chefs to cook up the ultimate fantasy banquet today!