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Kids swing sets

How do I choose a good swing?

One of the most beloved toys of childhood is the swing,so loved that many adults want to enjoy it.

If you want to give your little ones the pleasure of this type of fun anytime they want, whether in winter or in summer, heavy rain or sun, without the time limit, because other children are in the park, the best solution is what a wooden swing or a plastic swing.

For your choice to be informed, we invite you to read some of the most important criteria you should consider before buying. You will find them listed in the following rows.

Location: If you plan to buy an interior design for babies and toddlers, up to 3-4 years old, you'll probably choose a door-frame system.

If you want to place the rocking chair in the garden, you have to make sure you choose a specially treated model to cope with the weather.

Some extremely complex models, which are also mounted in winter, must also withstand extreme temperature variations, exposure to snow and ice and so on.

The type of wood: Wood resistance varies depending on the essence and the way it is treated. A round wood cradle, for example, has a rustic look, agreed by many people.

The most commonly used essences are fir, oak, beech and birch, which are characterized by an increased resistance in the range of garden furniture.

Most of the pieces are subject to special treatments that extend the life of the wood, keeping the insects away and spoiling it from rotting. Some of these treatments involve the use of arsenic, which has an important harmful potential, being toxic and carcinogenic. So it's important to keep an eye on how the wood from which the rocking chair is made is processed.

Dimensions:are important from two points of view: the number of people who can sit simultaneously in this piece, and how much it matches you in the space you have at your disposal.

In terms of number of people, most of the pieces on the market are designed for two, three or even four people.

In the case of children's products, many opinions about the best wooden swings claim that the optimal version is the one of several chairs attached to the top at the same crossbar. Of course, if you have more than one child or wish to have peace when your children have guests.

Height from ground:and here the parameter differs fundamentally depending on the functionality you want to print on the swing.

If it's a relaxing piece for adults, the tip is usually placed at a height of 50-70 cm from the ground, so that you can sit comfortably, while your feet rest relaxed on the ground.

If you choose a play for children, you need to keep in mind the height and age of the child, as the children want to be able to actually get in the swing, which is impossible if the saddle is too low and their feet always touch the ground or on the contrary up, making it difficult to dry.

Installation and installation: There are two types of wooden swings available on the market: those that provide detailed instructions and can be fitted by the buyer, and those that require installation by a special team.

Our advice is that in both cases you should turn to the specialist: in the first case only if you have doubts, in the second case.

The last thing you want is to have an accident due to an installation error that could have been prevented. If the piece needs to bury the support legs or fix them in the cement, do not hesitate to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Safety: Whether it's a children's or an adult's play, safety is over. Scaffolds are involved in a large number of potentially serious injuries, so it is good to make sure they are in perfect working order before putting them into use.

Once you've reviewed all of these parameters, it's a good idea to start your internet searches. Especially if you are part of the predatory people who make their winter car and summer sleigh, we recommend paying attention to online offers.