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  1. Plum Trampoline Anchor Kit 29045 by Plum
    Plum Trampoline Anchor Kit
    Special Price £14.39 Regular Price £21.99
  2. BERG Ladder S (Trampoline up to 240cm/8ft) 35900600 by BERG
    BERG Ladder S (Trampoline up to 240cm/8ft)
    Special Price £15.39 Regular Price £22.00
  3. BERG Ladder Platform + Ladder L 35905400BRG by BERG
    BERG Ladder Platform + Ladder L
    Special Price £53.89 Regular Price £77.00
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Jumping on a large garden trampoline is a fun activity for the whole family, not to mention the fact that it is an excellent way to keep us in shape. In stores we find plenty of models of different shapes, sizes and prices, but knowing how to choose the best trampoline for our family can be a challenge.


To make sure we buy a good trampoline, first of all we do not have to treat it like any other toy. It is important to consider aspects such as safety, dimensions, material so we can make a wise choice. I hope this purchase guide with tips and recommendations on how to choose a trampoline to help:

Frame material - the frame of the trampoline supports and fixes you, so the material from which it is made plays a significant role in its durability. Galvanized steel is the best choice, it is rugged, stable and durable.

Maximum allowable weight - choose an outdoor trampoline that can safely support the wearer's weight. If you know it will be used by more people at the same time (like a family with 2 or more children), then choose a model that can support a higher weight.

Resistant springs - the springs are what gives the trampoline the jump effect, but they can endanger the safety of the little gymnast if they are of poor quality. These can break or rust, so I recommend you choose a durable spring-loaded trampoline, preferably galvanized.

Protective mesh -  family safety must be the first and a safety net around the trampoline is necessary. This will not allow the jumper to fall over the trampoline, or to hurt by hitting the frame or the bows. Whether it's going to be used by an adult or a child, the safety net should not miss when you buy the best trampolin


Trampolines come in different shapes and each style has its own distinctive qualities that make it fit for a particular use. Once you determine what type of trampoline do you want, then you can choose the shape that matches your needs and family

Rounded - a rounded trampoline is currently the most popular model chosen by users when looking for a "toy" for home entertainment. Generally, it is considered to be safer than the rectangular because the jump is not as intense and the configuration of the circular spring pushes the jumper towards the middle of the mattress, significantly reduces the possible lesions

Rectangle - a rectangle-shaped trampoline is used by professionals, gymnasts and jumpers for trampoline for competitive purposes. The rectangular shape gives a stronger leap and gives the elderly the height and length required for an acrobatic activity. It is more expensive than a round and occupies more space

Square - square trampoline presents a mix between the advantages of round and rectangular trampoline. It has a large jump surface, a leap more intense than a round jump, but it's safer than a rectangle shape. It also requires less space for storage, being perfect for those looking for the best trampoline that offers a strong leap

Octagonal - an octagonal trampoline is pretty similar to a circular one, but has a larger surface for jump. Its price is higher than any of the above.

If you are looking for an excellent way to have fun and practice, then a garden trampolineis the product you need. Consider the needs of the family and read carefully the advice given, choosing the best trampoline should not be a difficult task.