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BMW Ride On Cars

BMW - German engineering, in a pint-sized version!

Have you got a kid who was born to ride? BMW is instantly recognizable as one of the best brands of cars worldwide. Known for its high quality, this German brand doesn't stop at real cars - we've got the official licenced BMW cars for children, too. Time to get your own mini autobahn ready for your favourite little driver!

Selection of BMW Ride-Ons

With the same functions as in real automobiles, these BMW ride-on toys have working doors, authentic dashboards, headlines and horns that honk! Several models have built-in music, so kids can jam out to their favorite songs as they cruise around the drive.

RideOnToys4U has both motorbikes and cars for little drivers. For luxury drivers, why not go for the BMW l8 or BMW X5 Style? Classy, sleek and impressive, just like the real models. Adventurous children may want to try out the motorbikes, which will give them the thrills of motorcycle riding - without the danger! All BMW motorbikes include stabilisers, just to be safe!

With working headlights, engine sounds, music and authentic BMW branding, one thing's for sure...Dad is going to be jealous! These fun and realistic details will give your little motorist hours of entertainment.

We also have a wide selection of ride on cars in other brands like Ford and Mercedes-Benz

What ages are appropriate for these ride-ons?

All models of BMW ride-ons are recommended from 3 years and up. With a weight of 30kg maximum, the age range for these ride-ons is 3-7 years. Due to small parts, these are not suitable for small children. If there is an admiring little brother or sister around, make sure that they are surveilled so they don't accidentally swallow any parts. For now, they can watch and wait until the day when they can vroom vroom, too!

Are my kids safe on these?

Yes, absolutely. Although BMW is known for its craftsmanship and speed, these children's models keep your little ones safe at much lower speeds! The maximum speed they can reach is 3-4 mph.

Several models include a remote control so that parents can stop the vehicle, if need be. It is recommended that children be supervised whilst they use ride-on toys. Ride-on cars are low to the ground and cannot always be seen from a normal car's height. Please take care to keep children far away from real roads to ensure their safety.

Are these licenced products?

Yes, they are. All the BMW cars have been officially licenced from BMW. These models, though created for play, have a high quality so that kids will fully enjoy them, just like Dad may enjoy his own! Added bonus: ride-on BMWs are much cheaper than the real things!

Where can electric ride-on toys be used?

Ride-on toys are best adapted to flat surfaces, without debris such as sticks or stones. Although 12V batteries will last for several hours, this will be significantly reduced if the car has to climb hills. A drive is your best bet, but the garden works, too - if Mum doesn't mind!

What is better, a motorbike or a car?

Many children prefer cars because they are easily accessible. All you need to do is hop in! Ride-on cars also provide a bit of extra room so that their favourite teddy can sit right next to them! For smaller children, cars allow more stability and give parents peace of mind. Cars have headlights, horns and music, just like the real deal.

Motorbikes, however, have plenty of fans - perhaps a bit more of the daredevil variety! All our motorbikes include stabilisers so kids are protected, even if they don't completely master riding a normal bicycle yet. Ride-on motorbikes are just as safe as ride-on cars, with the same safety recommendations: surveille your children, and make sure that they don't venture out into a real road, with real cars. With a more slim design, motorbikes can go down paths that cars may struggle on. The working horn and lights let others know that they are coming, but the stabilisers give them balance as they cruise around.

Some of our customers even have both!

Can my little girl find one for her?

Of course! Motorbikes and cars are equally adapted for girls and boys, with several neutral colours available. However, if she's looking for a model that matches a more traditional girl colour, then look no further than the BMW X5 Style model, available in hot pink. Beep beep, girl power coming through!

A bit of BMW history

BMW is a German brand which stands for Bayerische Motorenwerke (Bavarian Motor Works).

Based in Munich, this brand of automobiles was founded in 1917. The BMW group also owns the well-known brands of Mini and Rolls-Royce. The BMW logo includes blue and white colours, which are also the Bavarian state colours. The logo has changed several times over the years and it is sometimes thought that the alternating colours are an interpretation of an aeroplane propellor (white) against the sky (blue).

BMW originally began as a company that made motor engines, which helped create aeroplane engines in the first World War. In 1923, they began to make motorbikes (motorcycles) with their R32 model. This original design that is still used today in modern BMW motorbikes. A few years later, in 1928, BMW started to create their first car. During World War II, BMW had to supply the German army with cars and engines. These included BMW models such as the Wartburg DA3, 330 and 326, among others.

At the end of the war, they began to commercially create cars, with the 501. This began their rise to be one of the best-loved brands worldwide. Throughout the 60s, 70s, they became so popular that their Munich plant could not keep up with the demand. The 5 series, 3 series, 7 series and 6 series were immensely popular, and are still in production today.

BMW exists today as one of the three best luxury automobile and motorbike manufacturers in the world.

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