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Ford Ride-On Cars

America's favourite car brand - for your favourite little drivers

Beep beep! Ford cars and trucks are built rough, just like your kids. With big tyres, headlights, music and a 12V motor, your kids will think it's the real thing! The Ford ride-ons have a 12V battery so your kids can enjoy the fast life on the open road - at a mum-approved speed.

Ford has created its youngest models of cars for its future drivers. With realistic details inside and outside the vehicle, your little one will love how he or she looks as they drive past you and wave! RideOnToys4U has fully-licenced Ford ride-on cars and trucks.

Why should I buy a Ford ride-on car?

For little boys and girls alike, the wonder and amazement for large vehicles has been shared across generations of children. Cars are such an integral part of modern life, and children want to imitate those who mean the most to them.

Ride-on cars allow your children to become their very own car owner - without all the stress that their parents have with cars! Riding on these cars and trucks will open their imaginations and bring a smile to their faces. They will finally join the world of car owners, just like their family and friends. And perhaps it will give them less incentive to sneak into their parents' cars and push all the buttons...after all, they've got their own little car with its own buttons to play with!

We also have Mercedes and BMW ride on cars available if they'd prefer.

What benefits will my child enjoy?

We've said it before and we'll say it again...we love getting kids outdoors! Ride-on cars give them a great opportunity to leave their screens and enjoy the weather outside. Playing outside allows children to exercise, grow, learn and problem-solve. Imagination is such a large part of childhood and riding in a car created just for to their size allows them to imagine another world. A world where they can honk the horn and drive their teddy around, all while listening to their favourite music!

Ride-on toys are not all just play, though - kids can very well help out their parents and transport small items, such as gardening tools. Put them to work and give them small tasks to carry out with their new ride!

How can I keep my kids safe?

Common sense is your best tool here! Surveilling your children as they play with their ride-on is strongly recommended, no matter how old they are. It only takes a minute for a child to get into trouble! Children can fall down and leave your sight in just an instant. Should they end up on the real road (with real, very dangerous cars!), these drivers may not see a children's ride-on car from their vantage point.

All children should be carefully watched to make sure they stay safely away from traffic. Steep hills should also be avoided, as your child may roll backwards. (This will also damage the back of the car if the hill is too steep.) Finally, there is a remote control for ride-on cars that gives parents peace of mind. This control allows you to stop the car and protect your child from danger, even if he or she is pushing on the accelerator.

How fast can Ford ride-on cars go?

Ford ride-ons can pick up top speeds of….3-4mph. Plenty fast for a child, but not so fast that dad will get worried! Flat surfaces will give children the best bet they have for going "very very very fast" but don't fret, the 12V battery will not allow speeds any higher than this.

Can two children go in a ride-on car?

These ride-on cars are built to be used for one child. The maximum weight load is 30kg. Although two children may physically fit in a car, it is highly recommended that only one child be inside the car at a time. This is because with two children, the weight distribution will be off and the car could tip over more easily.

What is the best surface on which to use ride-on cars?

Although Ford is a tough brand, a ride-on car will run best on flat surfaces. Your little one can drive it on other surfaces, such as grass or mud, but with less traction, the battery may run out more quickly. An ideal surface would be your driveway, or a paved path in the park. Try to avoid debris that could damage the wheels, such as pebbles or wood chips.

Why is Ford such a popular brand of cars?

The Ford Motor Company is as American as apple pie! Ford has successfully expanded to over 100 countries and is enjoyed around the world thanks to its high quality, reliability and several price points from luxury to economy models. Ford helped to shape the automobile industry in the US after Karl Benz invented the gas-powered automobile in Germany. Many Americans recognize this and are fiercely loyal to companies made in the United States. In addition to this, Ford has marketed itself very well, finding its way into movies and TV shows, in turn making every teenage boy dream of one day owning a Ford Mustang...

History of Ford Cars

Ford is one of the most recognized brands of cars worldwide. Created by Henry Ford in the United States at the turn of the 20th century, this brand today has a presence on nearly every continent and is the fifth largest automobile company in the world.

Ford got its start in Detroit, Michigan in 1903, where Henry Ford live. Using letters of the alphabet, the company worked its way down to arrive at its most well-known model of the time, the Model T. The first Model T was created in 1908, and it is with this model that the concept of the assembly line was introduced.

Throughout the years, Fords were popular with everyday people and were extensively used in both World Wars. Following World War II, Ford became wildly successful not only in America, but also in Europe.

Some of Ford's best-selling models include the Model T, F-150, Taurus, Mustang, Explorer and Thunderbird. Ford is also behind the Lincoln brand, which created the Lincoln Continental.

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