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Mercedes Ride On Car

Mercedes - your favourite high-end car brand, but child-sized!

A range of ride on toys for kids with a luxury look.

You can’t beat watching a child’s amazement and excitement at seeing their first ‘real’ car.

A quick history of Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes-Benz brand first emerged in Germany in 1926 (although not putting their name to ride on cars for kids at the time!). They have stood for quality and durability ever since, building worldwide trust for their distinctive ‘star of three points’ logo. The Mercedes company slogan translates as ‘the best, or nothing.’ We think the same applies to these childrens electric cars too.

What’s in the range?

All of Mercedes-Benz’s most popular models are recreated in this range of battery operated cars for kids. For the early learners who are not yet ready for their full licence, we have the push-along Mercedes ride on car in red. No motor, but it does come with chunky wheels and great horn and engine sounds!

However, we quickly move up to the kids motorised cars for children aged 3 upwards. You and your child will be able to chose from ride on characterised versions of the Mercedes-Benz SLS, CLA, S63 AMG, S Class, GLA and the Jeep-style ML63 AMG!

The SLS and GLA replicas cater for the slightly smaller child. These ride on toys come with a 6V motor, enough to power along up to 2.5 km/h. Your child can also feel like they have a real car of their own, with working headlights, a music player plug and reverse gear! No getting stuck in corners for them. They’ll be able to be just like mum and dad - dancing in the seat while they watch where they’re going, and then doing a 3-point turn!

The CLA-style replica ride on car is still for the smaller child, ages 2-4, but steps it up on the power. The powerful 12V motors can deliver white-knuckle speeds of 3-4 mph! Choose from black, white, pink or red. Electric toy cars never looked or performed so good. Thankfully, it also comes with a remote control, so parents can take the wheel and apply the brakes if this ride on toy needs taming.

The S63 AMG and the ML63 kids electric cars are another step up. Suitable for children aged 3-8 years, they are slightly larger and heavier, but the 2 12V motors still let them power ahead. The parental remote control, headlights and music player are provided again as standard, but this model comes with softer EVA tyres for better grip.
It you want a little more luxury on your kids electric car, then the S Class replica will be the one for you. Same spec as the S63, but with leather seats!

All these electric kids cars are designed for one driver, with a maximum weight of 30 kilos. So stay off, dad!

If other brands take your fancy, we also have BMW and Ford ride ons in store to choose from.

How long do the batteries last on a kids electric toy car?

How long your electric kids’ car battery lasts will depend on a few things: the roughness of the terrain, the average speed, how many hills you go up and down, and of course the size of the driver!

The batteries in the Mercedes-Benz electric ride on cars come in two sizes: 6v or 12v. In general, a 6v battery will last 45-60 minutes. A kids’ electric car with a 12v battery will give you 2-4 hours of continuous use.

Whichever battery comes with your ride on electric car, be sure to charge it properly first time! The first charge when new is always much longer than subsequent charges. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Are these ride on electric cars for kids safe?

Absolutely. With speeds of 1.6 mph for the smaller models and 3-4 mph for the higher-spec Mercedes-Benz replicas, there will be no high-speed crashes. It’s likely that the only damage you need to worry about will be the bruises on your ankles if you get in the way! This said, it’s always worth being careful. If your child has control of the accelerator and brake pedals of a children’s electric car, then they will need adult supervision. Make sure they avoid sudden drops, roads where real cars may be travelling, low bars, stone steps, skate parks and of course crowds.

And, if you’ve ever watched ‘You’ve Been Framed’, you’ll have seen that weight balance is important on an electric ride on toy. If they lean back while driving up a slope or ramp, there may be a danger of tipping backwards. This is where the remote control that comes with the higher-spec electric kids cars can give you greater peace of mind. With a careful eye, you’ll be able to save them from any potential hazards.

And so you can really relax, a ride on toy safety helmet is available to protect against that ‘You’ve Been Framed’ moment. Rest assured, this will make them look cool as well as keep them safe.

So, where are the best places to drive a kids Mercedes ride on electric car?

Perhaps this isn’t rocket science, but the best places for your child to drive their electric ride on toy are where you can find a flat, firm surface with lots of space. Your back yard should probably be fine, especially if you also have narrow side alleys for the kids battery car to navigate for a challenge. A wide or long driveway should work well too, as long as they can’t go out into the road.

Other places? Areas with short grass should be fine for an electric toy car if the ground is hard, level and not bumpy. A quiet playground would be ideal. A private car park would be OK, as long as there are no real cars driving around! If you don’t have a large patio and garden, then maybe there are public open areas near you where you can play with the battery powered ride on toy without bothering other users.

Have fun with your kids motorized car!

Getting your child a battery-powered ride on toy car is a great way to introduce the ideas of car control and safety to them at an early age. It’ll plant a seed that might make them want to take up karting when they get too big for the replica electric car, or at least it’ll give them confidence when it comes to driving a real car themselves.
In the meantime, make sure they don’t practice with your own pride and joy!

Mercedes Benz
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