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The bicycle helmet protects the bicyclist, relieving the blow to the head during the fall. If you are an active biker and you are walking a bicycle - buy this security item. It's best not to ignore your bicycle helmet - these are necessary for all cyclists, regardless of driving style.

You can now buy a style helmet. At the moment, bicycle helmets are made of high-tech modern materials that consist of sparkling polymers that effectively reduce kicks.

In this article, we give you tips on choosing the company and the best headset that meets your requirements. Now let's move on to choosing the bicycle helmet.

Classification of helmets provides three types of them: racing, sports, downhill, BMX helmets, racing, skating and mountain racing. All types of helmets provide protection against impact, while being light, comfortable and stylish.


Fixing the helmet correctly is vital. Sports helmets are often sold in the same size. The rest of the helmets  are available in small, medium, large and very large sizes.

To determine the required headband size, wrap around the head at a larger size - about one inch above the eyebrow. Or you can wrap around your head a tape or a ribbon, and then measure the length with a ruler or a measuring tape. Based on these measurements, it is necessary to choose the helmet.


Lining: These are usually made of polystyrene foam. Its role is to dissipate energy during impact, which protects the head. When buying a helmet make sure the lining rests comfortably on your head, is not damaged or collapsed.

Carapace: Most bicycle helmets are covered with a plastic shell that prevents damage to the helmet, protects the break-in helmet and allows it to slide during impact. The ability of the bicycle helmet to slide on a surface is an important feature of it, because during the fall the movement does not decrease immediately but gradually, thus reducing the head and neck load. Before buying a bicycle helmet, ensure the integrity of the bicycle helmet. Finally, choose a bicycle helmet with remarkable design to attract the attention of car drivers. This in turn will raise the level of a mutual culture of drivers aware of us, cyclists.

Ventilation: Ventilation holes improve head ventilation, cool it, making your trip more comfortable. The higher the ventilation hole, the cooler it is.

Strap: The modern fastening system with straps is comfortable and easy to use. Choose them according to your riding style - massive tracks for rugged roads and mountain roads, lighter and cooler for racing. Try the helmets with different fastening systems before you stop one of them.


If the helmets are attached to the operating instructions, then you must read them before traveling.

Do not use chemical solvents to clean the helmet. Manufacturers recommend using a soft cloth or a sponge with delicate soap and water.

Do not store the helmet in the attic, in the garage, in the car trunk or in excessive heat. Under excessive heat conditions, vesicles can form on the helmet. Do not wear such a helmet.

Do not lend anyone your helmet and do not use a foreign one. You need to know how they used it throughout their service to properly assess their condition over time.

Following our information, you can now choose the most safety adult helmet and kids helmet. Do not forget that safety is the most important