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  1. DINO Bikes FC Barcelona 12inch Bicycle 123GLFCBRTL by Dino Bikes
    DINO Bikes FC Barcelona 12inch Bicycle
    Special Price £71.98 Regular Price £89.99
  2. Dino Bikes Unicorn 10 Inch Bicycle Pink 108L-UN by Dino Bikes
    Dino Bikes Unicorn 10 Inch Bicycle Pink
    Special Price £83.18 Regular Price £103.99
  3. Dino Bikes Thor Licensed 12 Inch Bicycle 412UL-THRRTL by Dino Bikes
    Dino Bikes Thor Licensed 12 Inch Bicycle
    Special Price £103.93 Regular Price £159.99
  4. Disney Princess 12inch Bicycle 124RLPSSRTL by Dino Bikes
    Disney Princess 12inch Bicycle
    Special Price £127.98 Regular Price £159.99
  5. Dino Bikes Thor Licensed 16 Inch Bicycle 416U-THRRTL by Dino Bikes
    Dino Bikes Thor Licensed 16 Inch Bicycle
    Special Price £145.98 Regular Price £224.99
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The kids grew up, they already run through the park and we want to guide them towards our passion, the bike, we see how we go together, maybe at some point we even go to competitions and obviously in an optimistic future will come the day when they fled us and we will learn technical reasons to take a break. But until then the first dilemma appears, how to choose the right bicycle!

First bike

The first bicycle would be good to get it around the age of three. It may be a bit faster, it may just work a little later, each child has its own pace of development.

To begin with, there are basically two big variants: the one of the help wheels and the one without the pedal. Specialists recommend the option of pedalless in the last few years. With such a bicycle the child will be amused by the first moments and will surprisingly quickly learn the balance on two wheels, take turns and learn to avoid obstacles. Walking to the pedal will be easy, often without the need for helping wheels, or at worst we will use them for a very short period of time.

The option to buy a pedal and wheel with a bicycle directly works, but the wheels will make the learning of the heavier balance. The only advantage is the financial one, saving money for cycling without pedals. However, if you choose this option, we recommend that you gradually raise the wheels so that the child will have to balance. If you keep the wheels in constant contact with the running surface, as they usually come in, the child will not learn anything.

If you chose a bicycle without pedals, you can go to a normal one after a season, although the child could use it for two seasons if she feels good and does not get bored or even use it for a while with pedals, especially if she was sentimental to her.

Bicycle with pedals

Bicycle is a purchase that we will have to do at least 2-3 times during childhood, because it must be obviously getting bigger. The size somewhat standardized for children is the diameter of the wheels inches. Thus, bicycles of 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24 and 26 inches are used. The 10th is very small and it is preferable to replace it with the one without pedals, as I said above, so we will discuss from 12th upwards.

General information

It is very important to choose a quality bicycle. Much more than in the case of adults for children's bicycles the market is full of dubious quality products. Do not think it's small, it's easy, and the bike's resisting. Requests are large and a piece that gives away, in addition to the expenses necessary to repair (if it can be repaired, we saw bad bikes with the thread snapped from the frame of nothing), there is a risk of producing very serious accidents. Think of a broken handlebars in which the baby hits your face! Choose famous brands that offer warranty, avoid hypermarket bikes - food bikes. For a reduced budget, models from the sports chains such as Decathlon, Hervis, Intersport, but if you can buy something of the best quality.

Frame material

Can be steel, aluminum and rarely carbon. Although almost all children's bicycles are quite heavy, the steel ones might be even heavier than our MTB! It does not mean they are not quality if they are from a good brand, but the baby will handle them harder. Aluminum has a fairly high price, but it offers a more manoeuvrable weight for the little ones.

The conclusion is that choosing a bicycle for children does not have to be momentary momentum, but we should do it in perspective, thinking about how long it will take, if it has a younger brother to take it over a few years and if he likes this sport and deserves a bigger investment.