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Mountain Bikes

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  1. Falcon Vienna Womens 26 Inch Front Suspension Mountain Bike Mint F4260104 by Falcon Bikes
    Falcon Vienna Womens 26 Inch Front Suspension Mountain Bike Mint
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Mountain bikes are super versatile. These can be used to transport products from the market, walk through the park or travel around the world. But the basic destination of the mountain bike is the help of the cyclist to overcome the mud trails, not necessarily just the mountain trails.


Let's analyze all the components that fit the bicycle frame. The basic components are:

  • Transmission system (gearbox, front driving stars, rear box, chain, gearshift)
  • Cushion
  • Wheel (rubber, hub, axles, spokes)
  • Brakes

Manufacturers typically combine the components of different groups according to the intended use of the bicycle, the availability of components, their prices and the demands of potential customers, so many components can be observed on a single bicycle from different manufacturers.

Cheap mountain bikes are equipped with aluminum frame and cheap components. Such bikes are designed for modest budget buyers who want to buy a mountain bike for occasional light trips.

With the increase in prices, the quality of mountain bikes is also increasing - the service time is increased, the functionality decreases its weight. The most expensive mountain bikes in the range of models offered by manufacturers are usually the carbon bikes (much more durable and lighter) with the best weight.


For mountain bikes these are the bike computer, pump, instrument kit, water bottle and a spare room. In addition, when traveling on long distance journeys away from "civilization", it is necessary to take complete repairs and spare parts with you, rather than for journeys not far from home.


Even though there is no one to help you, you can still choose the frame size anyway using the following parameters:

Distance from the saddle to the handlebar: When you are sitting on a bicycle, you do not need to feel over-stretching (the bike is too high), you should also not feel the feeling of compulsion (the bike is too short).

Saddle height: When sitting on a bicycle and holding your foot on the pedals, your foot should be slightly flexed at the knee. The seat shaft must not be installed with the exit for a minimum level of security and the handlebar should not be lower than 2 cm above the saddle.

In conclusion you have to take care of the dimensions and the material from which the bicycle is designed, and before you buy the mountain bike, make sure that you will travel a lot along the streets without roads. If you are going to just walk through the streets of the city, on paved, smooth and straight alleys, then we recommend that you draw attention to the bikes that will be more comfortable for you, namely, hybrid bikes or cruisers.