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Kids tricycles Guide

With the baby's intention to take the first steps, or, if the season allows, parents have a new concern: they are looking to change the heavy carriage they used in the first few months of life of the new family member with easier equipment, to give the child more freedom, but to maintain the safety and comfort features of the child. And the solution is simple: the tricycle!

Benefits of walking on the tricycle

A tricycle will definitely be one of the new favorite toys, and for a young child it will be the first chance to enjoy a little independence and adventure, a real joy.

In addition, it will help the child to develop senses such as balance or coordination and encourage the physical activity in the future that is so necessary for healthy childhood. In the case of children who learn to go, it will give them a chance to develop a sense of mobility on the way.

How we choose the tricycle

Tricycles are available on the market in a variety of styles, designs, or colors. So there is a tricycle suitable for the needs of each child and parent. It all consists of finding the product that will distance itself from other options by fulfilling family needs.

The main criterion in choosing tricycles is the age of the child, the moment we decide to buy the tricycle, so that to a child who is at the beginning of the advent of the first steps, we will buy a rich accessory tricycle, while someone close to 2 years we will give him a simple model that will make him accustomed to pedaling and riding on the bike later.

So it is important to take into account the characteristics of the child tricycles - they contribute significantly to the comfort and safety of the child.

Buy according to your child!

There are a number of very important factors to consider when choosing the best tricycle and making sure it is the best for our baby. Among the most important are:

Force - Very small children (10-13 months) will not have the power to push the pedals; that does not mean they can not enjoy the play and the exercise that a tricycle is. Some tricycle models are built in such a way that parents can "pilot" the toy while the child is on the handlebars. This allows the child to be accommodated with the equipment itself and makes it much easier to use the tricycle in the future without help.

Height - If the child is driving the tricycle alone, it is vital that it also be tall enough to reach the pedals or to reach the floor when it wants to stop, to avoid falls. For the youngest of the children, parents need to look for a model that supports feet, which the baby will use until it grows enough to get to the pedals and then when tired after a healthy play along with his friends in the park.

Balance - The ability to stand upright on a tricycle differs from one child to another and its age. For the first age groups a good balance is needed to avoid falling. Children who are still learning to run and run can be supported if they are down and a "test" race can determine what type of tricycle is appropriate. This way, we will look for a tricycle with a 5-point seat belt and extra protection bar, accessories that we will remove once the children gain enough balance and confidence in their own strengths to support themselves without support in the tricycle seat.

Coordination - Early childhood children still discover how to move their legs and arms. While the baby is crawling, she uses both her hands and her feet. Walking requires greater stability in the spine and arms. Children who walk alone on a tricycle should have good spatial coordination to avoid falling.

Tricycle weight: Metal models are heavy, weighing as a sports stroller (7-9 kg). The cheaper, more plastic models are lighter, with around 4 kg. However, if we are going to purchase a tricycle with detachable accessories (parental handle, pantyhose, sunshade, safety bar, seat cover, 5-point seat belts, leg supports, toy basket), its weight will decreasing with the aging of the child and starting the actual use of the purpose for which it was purchased, namely the pedal learning.

Size - It's important not only the child's comfort, but also the pedal, floor, or stationary pedals.

Regardless of your child's age, a tricycle will offer countless hours of joy, encourage exercise, build skills and motor senses and co-ordinate, and teach the child to be independent. Such a toy can prepare the child to develop through creativity and physical exercise, important foundations of childhood and happy lives.