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Ride on cars guide

Think you know a lot about electric ride on toy cars?

We’ve got everything covered for you right here

A quick history

Ride on toys for kids have been around as long as bikes and cars have been around for adults! From pedal cars to electric tractors, kids have loved playing with ‘grown-up’ toys since the 1920s.

All early kids ride on toys were made from metal, but as new plastics were created, so the materials changed. Ride on cars for kids suddenly became lighter, cheaper and easier to make, and more affordable for everyone.

The first powered ride on toys were produced in the 1970s, but it wasn’t until the ‘80s that popularity increased. By 1990, sales of battery powered ride on toys reached over 1 million!

Now, the best-loved childrens’ motorised cars are small-scale versions of popular real world brands. Your kids will never get tired of their own Mercedes, Jaguar, Volkwagen, Audi, JCB and John Deere ride on toys.

With BMW making their incredible i8 electric car, it’ll be interesting to see how the little version works out. And real electric car pioneers Tesla have produced a kids ride-on version of their Model S, which is the first mobile toy to have lithium ion technology!

Ride on toys to suit your child

There are many sizes and styles of ride on toys you can choose from to make your child’s day. From baby and toddler ride on toys, to electric toy cars for kids, there is always something safe, suitable and fun.


They might be just finding their feet, but they still love their wheels! All colours and curved edges, these cute little baby ride on toys are perfect for kids and parents alike. You can take care of your child with a push bar, while they get to drive their first vehicle!


When you’re starting to let them off the leash a little, there are electric kids cars and riding toys for toddlers that give them a bit more freedom! From the cute and always popular push cars to a Mercedes battery car for kids, they’ll be in a race of their own.

School-age kids

A whole range of battery powered ride on replica cars and larger chain-drive pedal go-carts are available. All of sturdy build to a high specification, with great names including Jeep and Mustang.

Big kids

Oi, dad! Get off my electric toy car!

What’s the battery life on a kids electric toy car?

Batteries in electric ride on cars come in three sizes: 6v, 12v or 24v. Whichever one you get, be sure to charge it properly first time! The initial charge when new is always much longer than subsequent charges. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How long your electric kids’ car battery lasts will depend on a few things. It the terrain flat and even or bumpy, grassy or dusty? What’s the average speed, and is your child pedal to the metal, or taking it easy? Is the motor having to work hard going uphill, or cruising downhill, and how big is the driver?

In general, a 6v battery like those fitted in most single-seat electric ride on cars will last 45-60 minutes. A kids’ electric car with twin seats will usually have a 12v battery, which will give you 2-4 hours of continuous use. Some electric toy cars have a 24v battery that might run two 12v motors, and will also last around 2-4 hours.

Remember - the batteries in electric toy cars are sensitive and you shouldn’t leave them charging for more than 24 hours. Doing so will damage the battery and your motorized toy car won’t be the same again.

Facts about sit-on toys

How fast do electric toy cars go? Depending on weight and battery size, anything from 2.5mph for the smaller models to 6mph for a kids motorised car with a 24v battery.

Prices for battery operated cars for kids vary greatly, as does the spec. Depending on where you shop, basic spec kids electric cars can cost as little as £99, but then you get what you pay for… Expect to pay anything up to £450 for a top of the range big brand replica with leather seats, remote control, music playing input, soft tyres and working lights and doors. But there are some good offers around on electric kids cars at the moment. You can probably pick up an electric toy car that covers all the bases for around £149.

Avoid accidents - keep safety in mind

Electric toy cars are great fun for kids, but it’s worth taking care. If your child has control of accelerator and brake pedals, then you can be sure they’ll need adult supervision, especially if you’re taking it outside of the back yard.

Keep an eye on them at all times. Watch their speed, and where they’re going - keep clear of walls, steps and roads! If you have a remote control, keep your hands ready.

As well as the child in the electric toy car, be careful of other children nearby. Everyone wants to get close to check out kids battery cars, and before you know it little ones could get knocked down.

And, if you’ve ever watched ‘You’ve Been Framed’, you’ll know that weight balance on an electric ride on toy is key. Don’t let them lean back when they drive up a slope or ramp!

Make it more real with some accessories

Most owners of childrens electric cars recommend buying an extra battery for that awkward moment when one runs out. But on top of that, there are a few other things you can add to make your child even happier with their ride on toy.

A toy car garage kit - let your child imagine they are the mechanic as well as the driver with a pretend tool kit.

Traffic cones - no, not for pretend roadworks, but to let your child take their ride on electric car driving test!

A personalised driving kit - what better to complete their experience than your child’s own driving license, number plate, stickers and key rings!

A ride on toys safety helmet - to protect against that ‘You’ve Been Framed’ moment. If you have a sporty-looking electric ride on car, then this will make them look cool as well as keep them safe.

And finally...

Battery operated cars for kids can be a great introduction to driving awareness and vehicle handling at a very early age. But be ready for when they get older and ask to borrow your real car!