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The movement is very important for children, which is why many parents choose from the early age to give children toys to force them to move while they play.

When choosing a trotting or pedalless bicycle for your child, you have to consider some aspects.

  •  Firstly, the toy must be suitable for its age, weight and height. These details appear in the description of any product.

  •  Generally children play in the group, so to give the child the comfort and the joy that he needs, we will have to buy him a pedalless bicycle to his liking so that he does not get bored of it and to want to come out with her whenever she goes to play;

  •  To give freedom of movement to the feet without the tricycle or trotter elements hindering the natural walking on such a vehicle. We must not forget that it is very important for children under the age of 5 to spend as much time outdoors as they do natural movements;

  •  We are finally insisting on the aspect of safety, a word that children do not usually know, so parents are the ones who have to consider this aspect first and foremost, especially since the young ones prefer to leave themselves alone at play;

Always choose the toy appropriate to your child's age, but note that the little one will grow. That's why it opts for the ones with the handlebars and the adjustable saddle, gives the child a useful, safe toy but also adaptable at the same time.

Also, when it comes to choosing a bicycle, a tricycle, a tramline or an electric car, you should also be interested in the accessories the child needs.

These may vary depending on the vehicle the child has.

Accessories can be:

  • Children’s helmet : very important for child safety! This must be chosen according to the age of your child and you should consider it from a qualitative material, in the case of a small accident to protect the child.safety hemets vary depending on the model and the vehicle for which you purchase them, at some you have to know the exact size of the head circumference not just the age.

  • Trailers : to play and amuse, it can be attached to a bicycle or tricycle, and can be chosen according to the age of the child

  • Tractor Accessories: playing accessories are chosen depending on the height of the children and the age.

So, when you want to buy a vehicle for your child, you need to keep in mind some aspects and remember that the accessories are very necessary, not just for the child's fun but also for safety!