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Scooters and skates guide

The decision to buy a scooter or a pair of skates for you is excellent, being a fun and practical choice. You can use it with your children, when they also have their own scooter or skates, go to work, shop, or simply walk in the park.

There are 3 main factors in choosing a pair of inline skates or a scooter:

  • Convenience (how easy or hard to use)

  • Performance (how fast it works)

  • Comfort (how easy it is to push it and how many vibrations you get from the land you are moving)

Weight, height, shoe size

When you want to choose an adult scooter or a kids scooter, you have to keep in mind your weight, the height and the size of the shoe. Most have a weight limit of 100 kg or more, but they also have a limit of 115 or 130 kg.

The scooter's vertical frame can be adjusted in height, so you have to test it to see if the scooter can be adjusted according to your height. If the handles are too low or too high, your hands and back can get hurt.

When it comes to shoe size, we mean the size of the scooter platform, both in width and length. You want to have enough space where you can rest both feet. A wider platform is usually more comfortable. The size of the platform is directly proportional to the size of the wheels. The only disadvantage of a larger platform is that the tramway will be heavier and bigger, making it more difficult to handle it.

When it comes to skates, the sizes usually fit with the shoes, and for kids a good choice are those with adjustable size.

Need for speed

If you're passionate about speed, there are special scooters that can take you quickly wherever you want. The bigger the scooter wheels are, the faster you can go.

Distance between the platform and the ground

The shorter the distance, the more comfortable it is to push the trot, and you do not have to bend very much the foot that stands still. The downside is that there is a risk of hitting it.

Suspension refers to shock absorption and is on springs. At some scooters it is located only on the front, others on both the front and the back. Though the advantage is that it is more comfortable to hang when walking on hard surfaces, it still has drawbacks In other words, you have the comfort, but the convenience and the performance suffer.


Some scooters have handbrakes, but there are few brands that have this feature. Their advantage is that people who ride a bicycle are familiar with them and that the reaction time is shorter. The disadvantage is that it adds weight to the scooter.

The brake rollers are positioned on the back of the skate, some models have the brake on both the left and the right, if they bother you, they can easily be removed.

In conclusion, choosing an adult scooters and a pair of roller skating depends on a few factors and their importance to you. Some people compromise on performance, convenience and comfort, others compromise on other features. It all depends only on you.