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The health, harmony and child safety are among the most important things parents are trying to provide. For the good development of your child and to ensure its safety, you have to find out how you choose the best mini scooters for children according to the age of the little ones and the safety elements that a scooter needs to hold.

To avoid frequent situations when children consume their energy in front of the TV or the computer, the kids need to learn what it means to play in nature, to play with parents and other children and especially to learn to consume energy through motion and games that develop them skills and skill.

For a harmonious and healthy development, children's toys and equipment must be chosen according to their age and benefits. That's why if you want to benefit from a trotter you need to know how you choose the best micro scooter for children according to its qualities and age of the child.

Why choose the best mini micro scooter for children?

A good children's scooter is essential in your child's life because it will help you discover the world, make outdoor exercise, spend more precious time in the family, socialize with other children while walking and especially helps to develop locomotor skills.

The main advantages you have if you choose the best children's scooter:

  • increase child safety

  • is appropriate for age

  • meets the needs of children, depending on age (even adolescents or adults)

  • the child spends more time in nature

  • learns to socialize with other children through the game

  • develop games and activities with your child

  • doing outdoor exercise and consuming energy

  • develops the sense of orientation

  • develops locomotor skills

How do you choose the best mini micro children's scooter?

Child scooters are among the simplest vehicles for children and that help them develop their abilities through outdoor play. As there are many models of scooters on the market you have to make a difference between a quality mini scooter and one that pose a risk to your child's safety.

In order to choose the best children's micro scooter, you need to keep in mind some of the key criteria that a good trotting has:

Age of the child

Scooter for children between 1 and 3 years old - the most recommended scooters for this age are 3 or 4 wheelchairs. For a better stability and safety for your child, choose a 2-wheel front-wheel drive and 1 rear wheel.

Scooter for children aged 3 to 5 years - if you have already chosen the evolutionary scooter or a multifunctional scooter you can breathe easily because this type of mini scooter covers this age category as well.

Scooter for children over 5 years of age - From this age, your child coordinates much better on the scooter (provided it goes ahead) and you can opt for a 2-wheeled scooter with a height-adjustable handlebars and a slightly narrower platform.

Height and weight of the child

Child height - In order to ensure a correct body position and adjust the scooter during the baby's growth, it is advisable to purchase a micro scooter that has a height-adjustable handlebar.

Baby weight - I know I have written above that the scooter should be chosen according to the age of the child, but there are exceptions to this rule. For example, there may be a sporadic child who is better developed for his or her age. That's why it's good that besides the "age" criterion, consider the maximum recommended weight that the trotting can support.

Quality of materials and components

  • The material used
  • Scooter wheels
  • Scooter platform

Considering the above information, we have made a selection of the best children's micro scooters that correspond to several age groups and have a good quality.