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The diversity of tri scooters models is so vast today, this article is intended to be a guide for parents who want to buy a child's tri scooters suitable for their age and height.

The right tri scooter for age

When buying a trot, the first thing to keep in mind is the number of wheels. Depending on the model, they may vary from 2 to 4. The more wheels it has, the more stable it is for the little guy who uses it.

If you buy a children's tri scooter for a child between 2 and 3 years of age, my advice is to choose a 3 to 4-wheeled trotineta for it will be much easier to learn to use it in the same time to maintain its balance.

Preferred are 3-wheel models, including 2 on the front and one on the rear. The four wheels are more cumbersome and less mobile. When the backpack has 2 wheels in the back, the child tends to get stuck in them.

If the child who enjoys this tri scooter is 3 to 4 years old, opt for a 3-wheeler tri scooter if the little one is the first time he uses it. Instead, if you are a small expert on tri scooter, you can easily choose the one with 2 wheels. They are more difficult to use but are easy to maneuver and the satisfaction of being able to go on a 2-wheeled roller skate is great.

For a child aged between 4 and 5 years, you can select a 2-wheeler tri scooter, a wide platform and the most important brake. The child must first learn to put the brake and then catch the speed.

If it has gone through the previous stages and now has between 6 and 8 years of age, you can take care of taking a narrower and lighter platform. Now you can opt for models with a higher degree of difficulty that will allow them to physically develop harmoniously and practice a lot of sports schemes.

After the children have passed the age of 10, they usually give up on trotters in favor of the rollers or the skateboard. If, however, he is really passionate about trotters, you can opt for models of adult trotters capable of offering much more maneuverability. This type of adult trolley can hold a weight of up to 100 pounds.

The right suitcase according to the height

When the child uses the trottinet, it is very important that the child has a correct position so that the backbone is not affected. The handlebar should be at the front of the child's chest when it is positioned next to the tram and not when it is on it. When on the backpack, the child must have his back straight and his arms slightly folded in the elbow area.

Important features on a trot

Wheels are very important when choosing a trot.

The platform is also important at purchase. Large platforms are suited for smaller users on the largest scale for experienced users. If you use a trotte with a low platform it is good to pay attention to the curbs to avoid possible accidents.

Material is another element to be taken into account when choosing a trot. Plastic ones typically have a lower price than metal ones, or they are mixed

The handlebar is also very important when choosing the trot. It is preferable to be covered with absorbent material to avoid slipping due to perspiration.

The brake is probably the most important part of a trotter that a parent will choose for his child, because we all know we can not avoid the falls, but we can try to prevent them with the brakes. Opt for models with the rear brake not with the front brake so you do not risk the baby getting accidents.

Pliability is very useful when you live in small spaces as it is in the building and you do not have a box or a considerable storage area. They are not as durable as a fixed trot, but if space does not allow it is a good solution.

With these tips, you can now search for the perfect three scooter for your child.