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When you decide that it is time to buy a helmet or to replace the old one, you want to find a shop that is diversified enough to choose exactly the model that suits you. Whether you're heading for a city scooter helmet or a bike bike, we recommend you consider some aspects and selection criteria when you buy it.

Before making the decision not to buy a helmet, you must know that it is mandatory to wear one when driving a scooter. It was probably brought to your attention that the number of people who suffer serious accidents because they were not properly equipped is getting bigger.

To avoid such a happening with irreparable effects, we recommend that you get dressed properly before getting on your bike:

  • The equipment is complete only when, in addition to all the other accessories, you also wear a helmet. Once you have met this criterion, you can walk around the scooter quietly, because you are sure you are properly protected. In the following, we'll give you some details and tips to keep in mind when you start looking for a headset.

  • When you find a helmet that captures your attention, you can test it to see if it's good. Match the helmet on the head and then catch it properly. Check that it does not move in any direction: neither left-right nor top-down. Do not forget to analyze the catch, that is, whether it is fixed around your head as it should be. But you should know that the pressure exerted by the neck should not be too high, because that would be the first sign that it is not the best choice. Also, be careful if the helmet protects your forehead.

  • You need to know that only the helmet whose clamping ring forms a triangle around the ear is a quality one. As far as the lower angle is concerned, it must be located just under the ear and not elsewhere.

  • Some types of helmets are accessory with additional adjustment. This is usually found in the back of the helmet. Some models have a tap setting, and others have two segments that intersect. The role of the adjustments is always to help the ideal fitting of the helmet on the head. If you do not apply this criterion, it is clear that you have not chosen the right article.

With our tips on scooter helmets, you can start looking for adult scooters or scooters for kids, depending on what you need and enjoy riding together. Regardless of the decision you make, remember that your own safety is the most important and only you can supply it.