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Rideontoys4u is the go-to brand for children’s toys in the UK. We supply and stock a comprehensive list of children’s toys that are suitable for all ages from small children under 12 months old right up to pre-schoolers and school children. We have sourced the most popular and sought after toys and games straight from the manufacturers to bring superior quality at discounted prices.

Indoor Toys

Rideontoys4u offers a great range of children’s toys for those rainy days or lazy Sundays when children need a break from the TV or the iPad. From arts and crafts, puzzles and tabletop games, we’ve got plenty of children’s toys to keep them entertained for hours on end. We offer a range of children's toys, games and puzzles to help stimulate, educate and help your child build appropriate sensory and motor skills. All of our children's toys are appropriate at every step of a child's age and level of development. We have sensory soft toys for children under the age of 12 months that are ideal for a developing baby that is also voice-activated. For children over 12 months old, we have a wide range of fun indoor puzzles, construction toys and other brain teasers type toys to help accelerate your child’s problem solving and creative skillset. Children over the age of three years will require something more challenging. At Rideontoys4u you will find a wide range of educational toys to suit every child's particular skill set and help them develop their creative traits. Children’s toys and games such as coloured or waxed pencils and drawing, watercolours, plasticine, books and musical instruments are all available to help your child develop and grow as well rounded individuals.

Outdoor Toys

There can be no better time spent with the family than outdoors on a warm sunny day either in the garden or out at the local park. Our extensive range of outdoor children’s toys will be a massive hit for all those family and friends to get together over a summer BBQ. We have a range of sandpits, slides, swingsets and family-sized inflated pools to keep cool. If that still hasn’t tired the little ones out then Rideontoys4u also stock a range of quality trampolines ranging from 8ft to 14ft both raised and inground, plus plenty of accessories.

Rideon Toys

Our selection of ride-on toys is unparalleled here in the UK. We are the number one supplier of ride-on toys! We offer a fantastic selection of bikes, karts and scooters for all ages and abilities. We’ve got BMX’s for those kids who want to catch some epic air, electric bikes for great outdoor exploring and folding bikes for those memorable family holidays. Safety is always the first consideration when thinking about children’s toys, especially ride on toys. That is why we offer a selection of fun and fantastic safety helmets, pads and gloves giving parents some well-earned peace of mind.


It’s important that children develop and learn at their own pace with their favourite heroes. We stock all popular TV and Movie characters including Avengers, Trolls, Toy Story, Barbie, Hello Kitty! and Action Man and many more. If you are looking at toys for kids that are exciting and engaging whilst also helping teach your children then have a look at all the different types of toys that will help the kids get creative and imaginative while giving them the motivation to learn new things and a sense of self-being.

We stock all types of character toys for kids that are fun and educational. From bikes, puzzles, and dolls to soft toys, activity books and musical instruments, Rideontoys4u has legendary heroes and characters covered to help fire your child’s endless imagination.

We are proud of the products and service we offer including our fully tracked delivery and efficient customer service, as well as our best price promise policy. We believe that safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to children and child safety. That is why all our products undergo rigorous testing at every stage of development and production to ensure that each product conforms to the appropriate regulatory standards and directives that apply. This applies to everything, from hazardous small puzzle pieces right up to our 14ft trampolines and ride on cars and karts.

At Rideontoys4u our mission statement is built on sourcing safe, fun and high-quality toys and games for kids at the most competitive price. We are always looking for the next exciting and educational toy and game while adhering to strict safety laws and regulations to keep products safe for your children to enjoy.