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Toys are among the most popular products, and the offer on our site is impressive. That is why we offer some tips to keep in mind when purchasing toys for your children so that their health is not jeopardized. That everything is okay and children can enjoy the gifts of Santa, here's what you need to know when choosing / buying a toy! Be aware of the child's age and safety recommendations made on product descriptions! Choose toys appropriate to the child's age and abilities. On our site there is a great variety of baby products, good quality and for different ages that can entertain your child.. Toys not intended for a child of a certain age group may pose a risk to their safety. Make sure you read and follow the age recommendations - especially the 0-3 symbol (see below) or the phrase "Not suitable for children under 36 months" with a danger indication. This symbol and wording is a warning and not a recommendation. Do not buy toys with small parts for children under the age of 3, who tend to put their toys in their mouths, and small pieces are at risk of choking. Make sure your eyes, nose (in plush toys) and other small pieces are secure. Follow the instructions carefully.Our varied range of games provides safe toys with instructions for use, for safe and correct use we recommend you to help the little ones understand the game and enjoy it in a safe and fun way. Supervise children when playing. Make sure all toys are appropriate for the child's age and abilities. With certain toys - such as scooters, bicycles and roller skates - helmets and other protective equipment must always be worn. Regularly reviewing toys to remove those that are damaged / used and can cause harm or a risk to the health and safety of the child. Discard broken toys. Teach your children how to arrange the toys nicely to avoid accidents. Do not leave the toys on the stairs or on the floor in the crowded areas of the house. Good organization and good use of toys makes them more time consuming and your child will play happily in a safe way with them. With all these tips, you can start looking to surprise the little one with your favorite toy or to make a gift on an anniversary of the toy categories on our site. Our site presents a variety of safe, high quality toys for different ages that can delight and entertain the little ones.

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