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Ride-on Tractors Guide

Thinking about buying a ride-on tractor toy?

Discover all the facts you need to know before buying

What are ride-on tractors?

Ride-on tractors are scaled-down replicas of real tractors, created for young children in small versions. With intricate detail, these ride-on tractors have many of the same features as the real things - but with a bit less power! Your child will feel like he is riding a real farm vehicle, right in his own garden. Toy tractors are available in several varieties: motorised and pedal-powered for older children, or simple push toys for little ones.

What are the benefits of ride-on tractors?

Any physical activity, especially outdoors, is recommended to ensure that children stay lean, healthy and entertained. Ride-on cars and tractors help kids get outside which not only helps kids release energy, but also helps them master important developmental skills. Playing outdoors helps children solve problems, learn patience, increase their fine motor skills and gain self-confidence, among many other benefits.

For pedal-powered tractors, kids improve their muscle strength in their legs and fine tune their motor skills. Steering provides an excellent way to improve hand-eye coordination, which is especially important for children under age 3. Even for small children, pushing toys outside helps them establish independence and build their leg strength for pedaling later on down the line!

Kids today would prefer to play video games over playing outdoors - change this by pushing them outside from a young age! Ride-on tractors provide a great excuse to get a little bit of activity in, for kids of all ages.

History of Tractors

Farming is a tough job! Farmers began searching for more efficient ways to tend crops and fulfil the strenuous duties of farm life. Tractors originally appeared first as steam vehicles, later switching to gasoline at the turn of the century.

"Tractor" is a term for a vehicle used on farms. Tractors are used for pushing and pulling farming machinery or trailers, as well as for many other farm tasks such as planting, tilling, plowing, harrowing and others.

Tractors as we know them today have been around since the mid-1800s in the United Kingdom and the United States. Perhaps the most recognizable tractor is the brightly-coloured John Deere tractor, known for its green and yellow branding. While John Deere tractors were busy making headway in its birthplace of Iowa, other contenders cropped up with similar tractor models, such as Case, Ford, International Harvester and Rumely, who were fine-tuning tractors to become more efficient for the modern farmer.

Children for many generations have marveled at big farm tractors. Many tractor manufacturers began making replicas in the 1950s for young admirers and it has only increased since then! Now children can pedal-push their tractors, drive motorised versions and even help out mum and dad with gardening thanks to mini trailers that attach to the back!

Which ride-on tractors do you sell?

RideOnToys4U has a large selection of the top tractor brands, just like the real ones!

Rolly Toys and Fendt are toy manufacturers who are well-known for making sturdy, reliable and beautiful replicas of large farm equipment for young passengers. Many of the world's largest brands give these toy manufacturers the rights to bring their brand to the children's toy market.

Brands like John Deere, Caterpillar, JCB, Unimog, CAT and Case Puma are just a some of the brands offered with RideOnToys4U. With a sharp attention to detail, your kids will enjoy the features that have been added to give them a genuine farming experience!

Besides the top-notch craftsmanship, there are realistic controls and brakes, as well as a front loader that can really tip and scoop on select models. Or even more fun, some models include a trailer that is perfect for your child's favourite teddy to come along for the ride.

Why are tractors popular?

Ride-on tractors are popular perhaps due in part to parents who remember seeing them when they were young and wish to pass on this experience to their own children. Agriculture used to be a vital part of many people's lives around the world, but as cities grow larger, today's children have less contact with farmers and their work. Giving children this experience brings them closer to their parents.

Another reason is that many of our little customers simply adore tractors - boys and girls alike. Whether they see them at a farm, read about them in books, hear about them from friends, or see them in movies - these ride-ons are some of our most popular toys on the website!

What age groups are these tractors for?

For little farmers, there exist several models of push-along tractors. These are great for kids who are still learning to walk, or those who aren't quite ready for pedal-powered models. We recommend the push-along models for toddlers aged 1 year and up.

For the pedal-powered models, children can safely use this after 2 ½ or 3 years of age. And finally, for motorised tractors, children aged 3 or older can safely use them.

Can ride-on tractors be used inside?

Yes, they can. Although outdoor play is important and children have more space, there is no problem using ride-on tractors inside - that is, as long as your kids don't track mud into the house!

How much weight can they hold?

Most models of ride-on tractors can hold a child of up to 30kg. This being said, ride-on tractors are intended for one child only. Having multiple children on a ride-on tractor can affect the balance of weight and cause the toy to tip over!

How do I make sure my kids stay safe?

Ride-on tractors are completely safe for children but it is important to keep your eye on them as they push, pedal or ride around. The best tips for keeping your children safe are fairly straightforward: make sure they stay in your sight, lest they accidentally encounter sudden drops, stone steps or hills. You should especially take care around roads, as cars go fast and may not see children on toys due to their low level on the street.

How much do ride-on tractors cost?

Finding the perfect ride-on tractor to buy is not just about its features. Let's face it, the money counts, too! Our selection of ride-on toys and tractors has several price points so that you can find a toy that fits in your budget and pleases your child.

Push-along toys for younger children are priced as low as £75, and a large portion of our pedal-powered tractors are around the very affordable range of £150. Higher models of our tractors, mainly those that can suit a child of up to 8-10 years old, are priced around £300.

What activities can my child do with it?

Put those kids to work! Besides simply riding around and enjoy themselves, your little ones will be thrilled to help you haul any kind of small gardening tools you need, or perhaps some freshly-picked tomatoes from the back garden!